Thrive Y'all

Thrive Y'all

Thrive Y’all | Deborah Lanham | Big Ideas for Small Businesses | Ep 53

November 09, 2021

Since 2013, the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce has served as a resource for leaders looking to partner and expand their businesses. Now, as the organization looks to ensure the city remains an environment in which organizations of all kinds can thrive, President and CEO, Deborah Lanham shares how her team is propelling Alpharetta’s economic development.

In this episode, you’ll hear more about:
  • What makes the Alpharetta Chamber different from other chambers of commerce
  • How the Alpharetta Chamber attracts businesses leaders into the area
  • The Alpharetta Chamber’s ideal strategy for growth
  • The role local venues play in connecting members
  • How fostering casual connections can lead to business growth
  • What the upcoming development of the Downtown Alpharetta District means for the city
  • How the Alpharetta Chamber chamber continues to build leader-quality networks

Resources Mentioned

Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce

City of Alpharetta

Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureau

Tech Alpharetta

Fulton County School System

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