Meet the Thriller Author (Author Interviews)

Meet the Thriller Author (Author Interviews)

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MTTA 185: A.M. Adair
May 17, 2022

Latest Book Other books by A.M. Adair Show Notes & Links As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. When possible, I also use affiliate links from other affiliate programs so I might ear

MTTA 184: Jeremy Scott
April 26, 2022

Show Notes – Jeremy Scott Interview Interview archives Cinemasins (9 million subscribers) Jeremy’s Young Adult series. Transcript

MTTA 183: Sara Blaedel
April 12, 2022

More Books by Sara Blaedel Transcript

MTTA 182: Lisa Scottoline
March 29, 2022

Photo Credit: Jeff Wojtaszek Other Books by Lisa Scottoline Transcript Please note, Transcript was generated using automated software that claims 80% accuracy. The text has only been lightly edited by

MTTA 181: Nick Petrie
January 18, 2022

Other Books by Nick Petrie

MTTA 180: Craig Martelle
December 21, 2021

More Books by Craig Martelle Craig’s Non-Fiction Books for Writers Show Notes and Resources The 20Books Conference info here, especially if you’re intrested in joining. Tickets for the 2022 conference

MTTA 179: Vannessa Cronin
December 14, 2021

Vannessa Cronin arrived in the U.S. from Ireland over two decades ago and has spent the intervening years working in the book industry as a book buyer, a sales rep, an Amazon Bookstore curator, and no

MTTA Replay: Glenn Dyer (Ep. 103)
December 07, 2021

Latest Book Other Books Show Notes and Resources Click here for original interview. Video of my interview with Glenn Dyer back in May 2020. About Pearl Harbor Resemberence Day. I included a clip of FD

MTTA 177: Wanda M. Morris
November 30, 2021

Latest Book Show Notes & Resources Writer orgnaziation’s discussed: Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Crime Writers of Color Transcript – Please note, I used an automated software program

MTTA 176: Mark Edward Langley
November 23, 2021

Latest Book Other Books Show Notes and Resources Author influences: Robert B. Parker, Mickey Spillane, John D. MacDonald, Ernest Hemingway, Tony Hillerman Actor Bronson Pinchot narrates the Arthur Nak