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Threshold Stories

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Threshold 106 – Poetry, Fitness and Christ
October 22, 2021

A discussion about how three distinct ideas are connected to your body’s architecture and what it’s made for.    […]

Threshold 104 – A Spiritual Race Report
October 15, 2021

2021 Long Course National Championship Race Report. Adoh Doherty. Mike Tkachuk.    ——  Are you looking to push above […]

Threshold 103 – Behind the Scenes in My Second Book
October 08, 2021

Each time I hear a preacher talking about how things are going in the wrong direction and have been for quite sometimes, I wish I could pick him up and dump him in ancient Israel for a month and then

Threshold 102 – Sticks and Stones
October 01, 2021

In this podcast, I discuss the process of creating a book and how words can hurt us.   ——  Are […]

Threshold 101 – Procrastination at Its Core
September 29, 2021

Exploring the simple act of giving someone a gift they intend to use but perhaps require some assistance overcoming the […]

Threshold Stories of Michael Tkachuk
August 16, 2021

The physical, mental, and spiritual of an elite athlete. Our guest today on Threshold Stories is Michael Tkachuk.  Jeff and […]

Threshold Stories of Connor Vogan and Jordan Wehe
July 28, 2021

Iron sharpening iron. Our guests today on Threshold Stories are Connor Vogan and Jordan Wehe.  Connor, Jordan, and Jeff discuss […]

Threshold Stories of Carolyn Hoover
July 12, 2021

An up-and-coming elite Team USA Athlete. Our guest today on Threshold Stories is Carolyn Hoover.   Carolyn shares with us her […]

Threshold Stories of Eric Zaltas
June 17, 2021

From cyclist to CEO. Our guest today on Threshold Stories is Eric Zaltas.   Eric is the founder of Pivot Nutrition. […]

Blue Ridge Parkway Tour Information Session
March 18, 2021

Is riding the Blue Ridge Parkway for you? In this episode of Threshold Stories, Jeff Gaura tackles all information regarding […]