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Three Orange Whips

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Episode 7: Troy
August 25, 2020

Grab your sword and shield and slip into your sandals, because it's time to delve into the Greek Heroic Age as the team discusses the 2004 epic 'Troy'. Emily sits down with fellow classics enthusiast Elizabeth Blu to discuss the all-important topics of An

Episode 7 Teaser
August 16, 2020

In this preview of our special isolation episode, Emily sits down with special guest and fellow classics enthusiast Elizabeth Blu to discuss the 2004 epic, 'Troy'. Their analysis includes a question of utmost importance: are slow-motion closeups ever a go

Episode 2 Teaser
March 01, 2019

Missed our episode about No Country For Old Men? Here are some highlights, including Adam's passionate rant about onscreen teeth brushing.

Episode 1 Teaser
February 08, 2019

Did you miss Episode 1 and our discussion of the 2015 thriller Sicario? Thinking of revisiting this cinematic masterpiece and then catching up on our analysis? Here's a taste to get you in the mood. Learn about Emily's favourite elements in the film (hint

Episode 6: The Fifth Element
February 01, 2019

In the mood for a bit of 90s sci-fi adventure? This week, Adam presents The Fifth Element, a 1997 blockbuster hit that went on to become a cult classic. The movie-themed drink is a glass of water with a cherry in it, a concoction that leads to some intere

Episode 6 Teaser
January 31, 2019

Ready to join us for our next review? Here's a taste of Episode 6, when we will discuss the sci-fi adventure movie The Fifth Element (1997).

Episode 5: The Blues Brothers
January 30, 2019

“We’re on a mission from God.” For this episode, Adam selected the 1980 musical comedy classic The Blues Brothers, a movie that has a special place in the hearts of all our panellists. Most exciting of all, the movie-themed drink is the famous orange whip

Episode 2: No Country For Old Men
January 30, 2019

This week, Tom chose the 2007 neo-western crime thriller No Country For Old Men, which he describes as the perfect film for those who love Sicario. The selected movie-themed drink is a shot of bourbon, but it is soon discovered that a glass of milk would

Episode 4: Snowpiercer
January 30, 2019

For this episode, Emily chose the 2013 dystopian action film Snowpiercer, a movie that took her breath away with its outstanding action sequences and raw emotion. The movie-themed drink is a hibiscus tea. During the discussion, Emily struggles to speak Fr

Episode 3: The Shining
January 29, 2019

Tidal waves of blood. Ghostly apparitions. One mans descent from slightly creepy writer to axe-wielding madman. For this episode, Adam chose the 1980 horror classic The Shining, one of the first movies that made him ponder long after the credits had roll