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This Week in Photo

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Creating Delicious Food Photography, with Erin Ng
April 15, 2021

San Francisco-based food photographer Erin Ng joins the podcast to discuss her process for creating mouth-watering food photos. We also discuss how she pivoted her work during the San Francisco restaurant shutdown. Website: www.erring.comIG: www.instagra.

Understanding Luminosity Masking, with Greg Benz
April 05, 2021

Greg Benz, creator of Lumenzia, the popular luminosity masking panel for Photoshop gives a walk-thru of how luminosity masking can help photographers take their photos to new levels!

Creative Alchemy with BlackMagic Design
April 01, 2021

In this episode, I'm joined by BlackMagic Design's Bob Caniglia. We discuss some of the company's most recent product announcements and the BlackMagic product line. We dive into how everyday content creators can get Hollywood-style results with very litt.

How Evan Tanaka launched a commercial photo studio, during a pandemic
March 24, 2021

Evan Tanaka is a photographer and videographer based in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in working with small and seasoned brands and helps bring their message to life.  During the pandemic, Evan pivoted and created Naka Studios, an amazing and f.

LED Lighting vs Strobe? Making the right choice!
March 18, 2021

Joe Edelman and Udi Tirosh join the podcast to discuss LED lighting and strobe. What are the different qualities of LED lighting, and why should you care? And what about strobe? Every "real" photographer understands flash, right? ;-) We discuss all of th.

FIRST LOOK! Fujifilm's Medium Format GFX 100s
March 11, 2021

Chris Berry shares some initial thoughts on the newly announced Fujifilm GFX 100s camera. on IG:

Street Photography Assignments, with Valérie Jardin!
March 03, 2021

In this episode, it's a long-overdue catch-up chat with my friend Valérie Jardin! We take a deep dive into her perspectives and personal dogma pertaining to her style of Street Photography. You'll also learn why she thinks "Street Photography" is a misle.

The Digital Storyteller! with Amy DeLouise
February 23, 2021

In this week's episode, I have a fantastic conversation with the amazing Digital Storyteller and Content Strategist Amy DeLouise! We discuss creativity, filmmaking, and what it takes to be a multi-platform content creative. Web: amydelouise.comWeb: galsn.

Street Photography in New York City, with Gerard Exupery
February 17, 2021

In this episode, I speak with veteran street photographer Gerard Exupery. Gerard has been photographing the story of New York City for several decades and has a very unique perspective on "The Big Apple". We discuss the art of photographing strangers in .

The Mindful Photographer, with Kenna Klosterman
February 10, 2021

In this interview, CreativeLive's Kenna Klosterman and I discuss photography education, finding your niche, and her "mindful adventures" trips. We also chat about gear acquisition syndrome, also known as GAS, and how to combat it. Kenna Klosterman is a t.