This is Rammy

This is Rammy

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Shaun Malik of Direct Flooring and Beds – Episode 143
July 14, 2019

This is Rammy could win a podcast award! Please nominate and encourage your friends to too, let’s bring Ramsbottom another podcast award. Another week, another podcast episode and this week another business too!

Love Earth Festival with Hannah Wells – Episode 142
July 08, 2019

This is Rammy could win a podcast award! Please nominate and encourage your friends to too, let’s bring Ramsbottom another podcast award. I speak to Hannah who is co-organiser of Love Earth Festival that will be taking place in Nuttall Park on Sunday t...

Should Ramsbottom Introduce Play Streets? – Episode 141
July 01, 2019

Do you think that Play Streets could work in Ramsbottom, or even if they’re a good idea? Our MP James Frith has recently posted on Facebook to encourage residents of local communities to get involved in the Play Streets initiative.

The top 8 restaurants in Ramsbottom… – Episode 140
June 25, 2019

…according to Tripadvisor…within a quarter mile radius…as of June 2019. OK, I agree there is some room for error here, however to try to avoid any bias, I’m taking these ratings and reviews directly from TripAdvisor as of the 24th of June 2019.

Award nomination for Ramsbottom and The Railway Pub Reopens – Episode 139
June 16, 2019

It should come as no surprise that Ramsbottom is up for another award, ok technically it’s not RAMSBOTTOM, but I would argue that when anywhere in Ramsbottom is up for an award, then Ramsbottom as a whole is up for the award.

Helen Wilson of A Star Tuition Group – Episode 138
May 27, 2019

Did you know that a survey found that one in four secondary school students have used a private tutor, and this grows to almost half (41%) in London? On the podcast this week I interview local private tutor Helen Wilson who owns and runs A Star Tuition...

Dave Cookson of Charles Louis Mortgage Advisers – Episode 137
May 19, 2019

Now, this might not be your first choice for podcast subject matter, you know, mortgages, *yawn*, but hear me out. You’d think being a mortgage advisor would be a pretty uneventful job, well, nothing could be more from the truth.

Ethan Ballan of Bartisserie2 – Episode 136
May 05, 2019

It might surprise you to learn that Bartisserie, which is situated at the top of Bridge Street facing the Tilted Vase/Urn is coming up to its one year anniversary since opening. That time feels like it has flown by,

Rob and Dan of Rammy Men – Episode 135
April 28, 2019

On the podcast this week I speak to Rob Moss and Dan Blackman to discuss what Rammy Men are all about as well as how the group have been growing and helping other people with similar issues, as well as just providing something for men to do.

Easter in Ramsbottom – Episode 134
April 23, 2019

Thanks for joining me on a relatively laid back episode of the podcast this week. The amazing weather we’ve had over the bank holiday weekend means that I’ve been spending lots of quality time with my family and all of it,