This Indulgent Life, The Podcast!

This Indulgent Life, The Podcast!

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029: Speech Development and Literacy Skills with Denise Wagstaff
April 22, 2020

Denise Wagstaff is here to teach us the critical skills to literacy development that is often overlooked when teaching children how to read. She also shares some fun and engaging activities parents can do with their kids to develop or strengthen these ...

028: What Will They LEARN? with Unschooling Expert Sue Patterson
April 15, 2020

Parents are stressing about their kids “falling behind” if they spend their newly acquired “at home time” goofing off and ignoring structure! Unschooling Expert Sue Patterson has some unconventional solutions that not only work but will bring down ever...

027: Creating A Schedule That Works for Your Family with Ellyse Colson
April 08, 2020

Need help creating a schedule that works for your family? Tired of all those unrealistic schedules being passed around the internet when you’re just trying to figure out how to work from home and homeschool suddenly due to Covid-19?! I know we were!

026: Using Art to Process Your Emotions with Sherry Joy Collier
April 04, 2020

Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or confused? Do you feel an urge to be creative, but don’t know how? Sherry Joy Collier is explaining exactly how to to use art to process your own emotions, not only for your own benefit but for your child’s!

025: Create Your Life, Don’t Let Life Create You with Meri Murphy
March 24, 2020

Welcome to another episode of This Indulgent Life! This is my first interview since I moved back to the U.S. and we’re officially all about parenting, discovering our purpose, and living a life we love! Today on This Indulgent Life we are speaking with...

024: Growing Up As a First Generation American with Brian Zhou
March 17, 2020

Welcome to another episode of This Indulgent Life podcast! I am finally catching up on some interviews and today I’m chatting with Brian of the Brian Zhou Show. In this episode, Brian shares what it was like growing up as a first generation Asian Ameri...

023: The Wandermires- Taking big risks to live their dream life in an Airstream!
March 10, 2020

Welcome back! This episode with the Wandermires has been a long time coming! We filmed this back in 2019 right before I moved back to the states from Hong Kong and it has just taken us a while to get everything back on track!

022: The Catch-Up Episode- Where Have We Been?
November 15, 2019

It seems like we fell off the face the earth for a while, and to be honest, we kinda did lol. This episode is just a quick update on what’s happened since our last episode in Hong Kong, why I had to pause the podcast unintentionally,

021: Growing Up Roadschooled with Kelsey of Positively Delighted
June 18, 2019

    Have you ever wondered how your kids would do in life if you took them out of school to homeschool them and travel fulltime? Kelsey, the author of Growing Up Roadschooled, shares the good and the difficulties of being homeschooled on the road as a ...

020: Making Family Travel Easier With Young Kids- Jenna of There’s A Shoe For That
June 11, 2019

Traveling with young kids, especially young kids who are potty training, can be tough. Many arent sure how well their children will do on long trips and dont want to spend the money if it ends up be