TWiCE - This Week in Civil Engineering

TWiCE - This Week in Civil Engineering

TWiCE 08: This Week in Civil Engineering – Traffic Control and Smart Tech

October 29, 2020

Welcome to This Week in Civil Engineering (TWiCE), the first weekly audio and video podcast covering weekly news stories and events related to civil engineering and its sub-disciplines. In this week's episode we provide you with the latest news in Civil Engineering including how traffic control in Las Vegas could soon be changing drastically.
Breaking News in Civil Engineering:

Traffic Signals in Vegas Could Soon Have a Mind of Their Own
From: Skip Descant |
Dish soap helped slide new Fourth Street bridge into place in Flagstaff
From: Adrian Skabelund |

National News in Civil Engineering:

How we could save $4 billion dollars in building energy costs—without any renovations
From: Kristin Toussaint |
North Carolina Department of Transportation completes 6-year widening project on major mountain highway
From: Stephanie Santostasi& Brittany Whitehead |

International News in Civil Engineering:

Fehmarnbelt Tunnel will be the world's longest immersed tunnel
From:Jacopo Prisco |
High Speed 1 becomes the country's first renewable-powered rail
From: Reuters Staff |

Infrastructure Stories:

Infrastructure Projects Speed Up Amid COVID Slowdown
From: Lisa Brown |
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signs $1.9 billion dollar public works bill
From: Jessie Van Berkel |
‘Link slabs’ used to prevent joint leaks on rehabbed Bronx bridges
From:Don McLoud |

Career Inspiration of the Week:
You will never know everything. Therefore, make sure you always ask questions. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know something and always keep learning.
Quote of the Week:

“If there is no solution to the problem then don't waste time worrying about it. If there is a solution to the problem then don't waste time worrying about it.” ~ Dalai Lama

About the Host:
Danny Luu MEng (Hons) CEng MICE is a Chartered Civil Engineer from London with over 20 years experience in highways and infrastructure and has worked on large high-profile schemes such as London 2012 and Southall Waterside. He graduated from the University of Bristol in2000 with a M Eng in Civil Engineering. He is the founder of, supporting graduates in pursuing a professional qualification with the Institution of Civil Engineers, and is also a Professional Reviewer with the ICE. Outside of work, Danny is a keen runner and is slowly getting back to spinning tunes on his decks (after a 15 year hiatus!).

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