This Is Who We Are

This Is Who We Are

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Sorry Not Sorry: We Explore Our White Fragilty ( white people, please talk to each other) Episode 18
June 10, 2020

Here we go. Not holding back and holding our white selves accountable. And learning. Always learning. Never perfect. Sorry not sorry but let’s talk. And this makes you feel uncomfortable. Congrats my love, you are doing the work. Shout out to April for b.

Just Pour Some Tajin Over It: Living with Mental Illness in the "Rona" Age- Episode 17
May 14, 2020

What do you get when Tess, Tajin, and the tacos all join you in bed for 69 min talk about mental illness/ wellness pre covid-19 and during. Oh the get raw honesty, true stories, some TMI, and baby steps towards learning to laugh ... learning.

Grace. Grace. Grace. - Episode 16 "the Rona Check-in"
May 05, 2020

Take a couple of pandemic puppies, 2 women always just on the edge of greatness with a dash of self- sabotage and a shit ton of grace and you have April & Staci checking in on this world of dark and light, food and drink, and all the other strange crap w.

Inside the Head of an Anxious Esoteric Mind - Episode 15
March 18, 2020

April, the badass yoga babe brings the holistic magic with her talk on healing, spiritual experiences, and the truth within the truth. No topic is off limits as we Immerse ourselves in compassion.

This is How We Eat(ing Disorder): Love, Hate, and Everything in Between - Episode 14
February 20, 2020

It's a fine line between love & hate: Our journey with food, disordered eating, and loving our bodies. Staci, Leah, and Tess approach this intimate topic with so much grace and healing and day by day courage. Join us in vulnerability babes

Getting To by Going Through: 2020 Intentions - Episode 13
January 09, 2020

Tess and Staci start off the New Year on a bed with 2 chihuahuas introducing the Goddess cave discussing resolutions versus intentions, and shaking up the expectations of New Years goals. Stay curious, my friends.

My Sexuality Ain't Just About the Sex - Episode 12
November 24, 2019

Sexual babes coming

Walls, Rugs, and Boundaries: how is your anger? Episode 11
November 09, 2019

Inspired by the synchronicity of the last two weeks, childhood trauma, the great Tara Brach, and other wild woman convos... we touch the hot topic of anger. Smart, intelligent, and energetic anger. Come play with us-and welcome back Leah

Back At It Babes: We Return- Episode 10
October 21, 2019

All about the imperfections ... Hey, we are back. Took a break, a hiatus, and sought a bit of space. Dare, we say a rest? Even though we did some work. And here we are. Will rap about why we were gone and preview some stuff about personal healing. Healin.

Mini Episode with Jaqui and the magic and Science of Sound
March 03, 2019

Jacqui returns because a) we could not get enough of her but b) we dive a little deeper into the science and magic of sound- from jamming to your favorite tunes to amethyst crystal signing bowls. All this and yes we caught her with a bowl on her head... .