This is America with Rich Valdés

This is America with Rich Valdés

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Handouts, Humire, Human Smuggling
March 19, 2024

Today Rich speaks with executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society, Joseph Humire. First, Rich breaks down some outrageous comments that an illegal immigrant brazenly posted on social media. Then Joseph Humire explains how the Venezuelan ga

Hur Testimony, High Inflation, Happiness Study
March 12, 2024

Today Rich delves into Special Counsel Robert Hur's testimony on Capitol Hill over his report on President Biden's mishandling of classified information. Then we share how inflation continues to climb higher despite Biden's claims of having it under contr

Marxists, MAGA Kicks, Music
March 07, 2024

Today Rich delves into the Cuban government begging the UN to help ease a food shortage in the country, and how that is the natural endpoint of Communism. Then we share how famed NYC rapper Fat Joe is getting beat up over owning a pair of President Trump'

Van Fleet, Vocal Communists, Vigilant Resistance
February 27, 2024

Today Rich speaks with author Xi Van Fleet. First, she tells us what it was like growing up in China under the control of the Mao regime. Then Xi explains what it was like escaping from communism and finding freedom in America. Finally, she provides a war

Peterson, Plantation, Partisanship
February 17, 2024

Today Rich speaks with Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson. First, he tells us his views on what is causing the perception of racial inequality in America. Then Rev. Peterson explains how unchecked immigration into the country is hurting the United States, especi

Porn, Police State, Trump Persecution
November 11, 2023

Today Rich delves into the story of a child psychiatrist who was caught using AI to generate pornographic images of his underage patients. Then we share a portion of a conversation Rich had with filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza where he explains how the FBI has b

Child Trafficking, Comer Evidence, Culture Clash
October 21, 2023

Today Rich delves into how President Biden's open border policy has allowed for an explosion in child trafficking. Then Congressman James Comer (R-KY), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, has unveiled some more evidence of the

Children, Chastising, Cell Phones
October 07, 2023

Today Rich speaks with mental health expert Dr. Vince Callahan. First, he tells why the effects of yelling at children can be as bad as the effects of physical abuse. Then Dr. Callahan explains strategies to help someone wind down when you see them gettin

Diagnosing, Disinformation, Dating
September 09, 2023

Today, Rich discusses why young children should not be permitted to self-diagnose themselves as trans. Next, a look at how China is targeting the United States with disinformation, Also, disappointing poll numbers for President Biden, as the House may be

Criticizing Catholics, Christie Comments, Campaign Contributions
September 01, 2023

Today, Rich talks about the Pope's recent criticism of Catholic bishops in the United States. We look at poll numbers following the first Republican debate. Former President Trump is accusing the Biden administration of election interference. Senate Minor