This Grit and Grace Life

This Grit and Grace Life

How to Be a Grace-Filled Friend in Hard Times – 096

July 23, 2019

Do you want to be a friend who doesn’t run when life gets messy? The person who stays, offering her time, support, and love—sometimes without saying a word. This life is full of ups and downs. We all have our share of challenges, and when disappointment, disaster, or disruption happens, what we need most is a grace-filled friend. Off mic, Darlene and Julie have had these conversations when people they love need them. Knowing what to do or say when a friend or a family member is facing hard things like divorce, loneliness, betrayal, addiction, job loss, grief, singleness, and even doubting their faith. In this episode, they offer practical advice on how to be that friend. Because a woman of grit and grace can handle these without judgment or criticism, offering this grace because she knows one day she may need it, too. Listen in and learn. Then, you might be the one to show up and listen to someone who needs you, ice cream in hand.

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