Thinking Christianly

Thinking Christianly

#1: Have We Lost Our Minds?

April 06, 2021

Loving God with our whole person, including our minds, used to be true of most Christians. But this is no longer the case. This stunts our spiritual growth. It also severely limits our ability to influence our culture.

How did this shift occur? In this inaugural episode, Stan, J.P., and Jordan discuss some of the factors that led to this shift, the ways we see this manifest in our lives and churches today, and why we should seek once again to integrate faith and reason.

In this podcast we discuss: 

How JP and Stan met and developed a friendship
How both got interested in the topic of the Christian mind
The importance of Christians asking questions and seeking answers
How pastors can cultivate loving God with our minds
Ideas that have led to our dividing faith from reason
Why we shouldn’t approach ministry solely on the basis of "what works"
Effective ways to engage ideas in our culture
The challenges we face due to the presuppositions of modern higher education
Some features of a well-formed Christian mind

Resources mentioned during our conversation:

J.P. Moreland’s work can be found at:
Stan Wallace’s work can be found at:
You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving the Church...and Rethinking Faith by David Kinnaman (Reprint)
Quote by Jen Wilkin in Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds
Love Your God With All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul by J.P. Moreland
The Gravedigger File: Papers on the Subversion of the Modern Church by Os Guinness
How We Lost the Christian Mind and How to Find it Again by Stan Wallace
Dr. Jordan Peterson’s work can be found at