Thinking Christianly

Thinking Christianly

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#32 – Having Better Conversations by Avoiding Logical Fallacies
April 25, 2024

J.P, Stan, and Jordan discuss how to have better conversations. They discuss how three informal fallacies (the Red Herring Fallacy, the Genetic Fallacy, and the Ad Hominem Fallacy) can shut down healt

#31 – Understanding Free Will and Living Well
March 15, 2024

Stan, JP, and Jordan delved deeper into the concepts of libertarian free will, compatibilism, and determinism, extending their discussion beyond theological topics to many other important issues.In t

#30 – How is One Saved? Calvinist and Arminian Answers
February 16, 2024

In a gracious spirit J.P., Stan, and Jordan discuss the points of agreement and disagreement between the Calvinist and Arminian views of salvation (summarized in Calvinist theology by the acronym TULI

#29 – What Does It Mean To Be Free?
January 26, 2024

This is our first episode in a series about Free Will, Compatibilism, and Determinism. Stan, JP, and Jordan start by clearing up some of the major confusions that plague this conversation. They share

#28 – Christmas, Advent, and Living in Light of the Incarnation
December 18, 2023

J.P., Stan, and Jordan discuss engaging the Christmas story as thinking Christians and ways to live in light of the hope that the Incarnation brings. - In this podcast we discuss: How does the humili

#27 – What is God’s and Our Relation to Time?
November 15, 2023

In this episode, JP and Stan talk about different views of time and how they integrate with a Christian way of thinking about God and His relationship to time, the relationship of time to salvation, a

#26 – What is a Worldview?
October 15, 2023

In this episode, J.P. and Stan discuss worldview and life-view and why evaluating the contents of these thoughts deserves our attention and reflection. How do we go about that process? They discuss th

#25 – Considering Graduate School?
September 18, 2023

For those of us not currently connected to the academic world, the idea of furthering our education as Christians can be daunting. Where do you start? What should you consider before taking on this ex

#24 – “Can You Prove It?” Knowledge in an Age of Skepticism
August 21, 2023

The certainty problem has crept in and polluted the whole enterprise of knowing. - J.P. Moreland. In this episode, J.P. and Stan have a practical discussion about how to engage with the cultural obs

#23: Dallas Willard, Husserl, and the Future of Spiritual Formation
July 15, 2023

Most of us know Dallas Willard as a brilliant and pastoral writer on spiritual formation. In his writing, you can sense a man of great thought, but the depth of his knowledge can be hidden from the re