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Think 100%: The Coolest Show

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S3 Ep 13: Build Back Better w/ Dr. Cecilia Martinez
May 10, 2021

Historically in the United States, building new or better communities hasn't always benefited people of color in these areas who have been systematically oppressed due to tactics like redlining and gentrification. 

S3 Ep 12: Climate Auntie w/ Raya Salter
May 03, 2021

The fight for Energy Justice has an adversary posing as a friend. The fossil fuel companies have begun to use their tactics in the clean energy space by taking indigenous lands to create solar farms in Hawaii and other island nations that have historic...

S3 Ep 11: Climate’s Racial Reckoning w/ Mary Anne Hitt
April 26, 2021

Transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy has been a hot issue for activists, communities, and the people most affected by the climate crisis. While actions like mountain top removal pollute the air, water,

S3 Ep 10: Who’s Climate Crisis w/ Naomi Klein
April 22, 2021

Everything is interdisciplinary and intersectional. As our analysis of the world evolves to include the root of our issues (global racial capitalism and white supremacy), it must inform our work. Naomi Klein is an award-winning journalist, columnist,

S3 Ep 9: Energy Combat w/ Dr. Leah Stokes
April 19, 2021

Energy Combat requires a hand-to-hand fight with policymakers and interest groups who have persuaded the passing of laws that benefit corporations and disengage communities most affected. Dr. Leah Stokes, Assistant Professor at the University of Califo...

S3 Ep 8: Energy Justice w/ Shalanda Baker
April 12, 2021

Energy poverty is the lack of access to reliable energy, and energy insecurity stems from the lack of affordability and a higher energy burden due to cost, infrastructure, and more. In the midst of a pandemic disproportionately impacting low income and...

S3 Ep 7: Climate Delight w/ Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt
April 04, 2021

The climate movement has missed its chance to intersect with other fights for equality since the 1960s. The Environmental Justice movement has been treated like an unwanted stepchild during this time. The stakes are high now,

S3 Ep 6: Choosing Sides w/ Anna Jane Joyner
April 02, 2021

This Good Friday, The Coolest Show presents a difficult discussion intersecting Climate, Religion, Family, and Race. Rev Yearwood speaks with Anna Jane Joyner, the founder of the Good Energy Project and co-host of the No Place Like Home podcast.

S3 Ep 5: Generation Green w/ Jaylin Ward & Ayana Albertini-Fleurant
March 29, 2021

Environmental Liberation is a movement for and by Black people. Nature is an integral part of African spiritual systems, and the extractive systems of global racial capitalism disconnect Black people from their essence. This week on The Coolest Show,

S3 Ep 4: Intersectional Environmentalism w/ Leah Thomas
March 21, 2021

In the words of Leah Thomas, “Intersectional Environmentalism would not exist without environmental justice… They work together really harmoniously.” Leah Thomas is the founder of Intersectional Environmentalism and Green Girls Co.