Think 100%: The Coolest Show

Think 100%: The Coolest Show

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S4 Ep 11:Oil is War w/ Ayisha Siddiqa
June 20, 2022

Ayisha Siddiqa, Pakistani-American environmental and human rights advocate, reflects on the state of the youth climate movement, the violence of fossil fuel industry, and being good ancestors.  The

S4 EP 10: The Crown Belongs to Us w/ Niel Leadon
June 13, 2022

Bahamian climate activist Niel Leadon speaks with Rev Yearwood about several Caribbean countries demanding reparations and severing ties with “The Crown”. They discuss how colorism is more of a proble

S4 Ep 9: Bustin’ Loose w/ Jerome Foster II
June 06, 2022

The development and influence of the climate strike movement has led to the tokenization and tolerance of young people. After growing up through 9/11, the 2008 recession, mass shootings, Trump era pol

S4 Ep 8: The New Lunch Counter w/ Dr. Bernice A King
May 23, 2022

 Dr. Bernice A King speaks with Rev Yearwood about the Kingian philosophy of nonviolence and compares the movement of today with the Civil Rights Movement. The Coolest Show – brought to you by Hip

S4 Ep 7: Black Stories Matter w/ Darel Scott
May 16, 2022

 Earth in Color is a Black-led creative studio ​​working to affirm and strengthen cultural, spiritual, physical, and ancestral connections to the natural world. Nature is not the oppressor, even thoug

S4 Ep 6: Creating Community w/ Jordie Vasquez
May 09, 2022

The Coolest Show – brought to you by Hip Hop Caucus Think 100% PODCASTS – drops new episodes every Monday on environmental justice and how we solve the climate crisis. Listen and subscribe here or at

S4 Ep 5: Movement Music w/ Dontay Wimberly
May 02, 2022

Hip Hop Caucus defines “movement music” as songs that speak to the ills of society, incorporate calls to action, empower people, and/or connect to social movements. Art is a medium to reimagine system

S4 Ep 4: Empowered Education w/ Mitchelle Mhaka
April 25, 2022

Black folks have historically and culturally been one with the environment. Colonialism (white supremacy) has robbed us of our heritage, cultural identity, access and ability to thrive. Young Black or

S4 Ep 3: Sustainable Brooklyn w/ Whitney McGuire & Dominique Drakeford
April 18, 2022

How are we creating systems that are non-disposable when Black people are seen as disposable, as waste? Contrary to the mainstream definition, “sustainability” is an inherently Black, Brown, and Indig

S4 Ep 2: Black Young & Rising w/ Arielle King
April 11, 2022

It is no secret that white institutions are anti-Black and hoard resources, often forcing Black students to endure the harm of these spaces when seeking tools to support their communities. Leaving you