Things That Matter with Martie McNabb

Things That Matter with Martie McNabb

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Episode 13: A Pandemic, A Turtle & Who We Are Now featuring Author Michelle Fishburne
March 16, 2023

Look &/or listen as my guest tells the story of The Turtle. - It is the Thing that matters to her because it has given her an amazing life experience with her children and her parents all while allowi

Episode 12: A Pen, a Purpose & a Passion featuring Phyllis Braxton
March 02, 2023

Look & listen as my guest Phyllis Braxton shares the story of a simple PINK pen that tells a big tale. - Phyllis was supposed to be back at her home in Minneapolis for our time together, but got delay

Minisode 7: Every T-Shirt tells a Story featuring Jess Grippo
February 23, 2023

Look & listen as dancer/creative coach Jess Grippo shares the story of this well-used and well-loved T-shirt. - Part of her personal history, her life journey is practically woven into its fabric. - P

Episode 11: A Gravestone, A Cookie Press and Recipes to Die for featuring Rosie Grant
February 16, 2023

Look & listen as my guest Rosemary (Rosie) Grant, of TikTok fame @ghostly.archives, tells the story of a pandemic inspired baking interest, a library science project and an internship at Congressional

Minisode 6: History and a Ship in a Bottle featuring Kathy Stone
February 09, 2023

Look & listen as storyographer Kathy Stone shares her personal, family, military & a country's history through the story of a ship in a bottle. - This object has been in her family for as long as she

Episode 10: TEDx & Travel Souvenirs featuring Heather Markel
February 02, 2023

Listen as my guest Heather Markel shares the stories of her travel souvenirs. As a digital nomad, Heather, like many of us, has to be more aware of what souvenirs she buys and keeps. - I connected wit

Minisode 5: A Peasants Journey featuring Artist Robin Brooks
January 26, 2023

Listen as Robin shares her artist journey through her mother's own peasant journey artwork and a self portrait. - Though her mother wasn't a good mom, she gave Robin the greatest gift of all ... that

Episode 9: A Kindle, Kindness & a Thirst for Knowledge featuring Alejandro Bratti
January 19, 2023

What perfect timing to launch this episode into the world. I first met Alejandro 2 years ago when he and his collaborators offered a New Year's workshop via LinkedIn and I fell in love with this beaut

Minisode 4: Every photo tells a story… featuring Maureen Taylor
January 12, 2023

Look & listen as my guest Maureen Taylor aka The Photo Detective shares the story of a picture of her great grandmother. - Just as Maureen invites her clients to tell her the stories they know about t

Episode 8: A Signed Baseball & “adults doing show and tell???” featuring Rodney P.
January 05, 2023

Look & listen as my guest Rodney shares the story of his signed baseball. One of my first interactions with Rodney was when he walked past his Mom's office computer, looked over her shoulder and asked