The Womancraft Podcast

The Womancraft Podcast

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17 – Blossoming – Avalon – The Sacred Feminine Way
September 15, 2019

Come journey with heart and soul of how we relate in ourselves and in relationship with others. Avalon journeyed with the school in 2011 and have weaved a beautiful blossoming of her deep work to opening the portals for women to step into and collectiv...

16 – Held – Mara – Midwifing Transformation
July 13, 2019

Mara and I journey on this episode into how her birth experiences opened up new dimensions to sacred womancrafting. Mara is a current final year apprentice and we explore her time over the years with the school and we delve into a fantastic discussion ...

15 – Nourish – Holliea – Cycles, Trust & Intuition
June 18, 2019

Holliea talks in this podcast about taking opportunities to develop self-development and self-enquiry, with her health journey coming into immediate need, Holleigh found the school after studying Ayurveda and holistic practices.

14 – Hearth – Talia – Maidens and Magic
May 19, 2019

Talia asked the question after she found her self travelling for some time, what is it to be a woman? She becomes even more curious and interested, and serendipitously she found the School of Shamanic Womancraft.

13 – Movement – Brittany Jane – Somatic Ecologist Dancing for Growth
April 20, 2019

Welcome to the world of somatic ecology and dance. Welcome to Brittany Jane. This episode is a delight into the journey that Brittany Jane took with the school and how it paved the way into her current offerings.

12 – Priestess Wisdom – Judy Diana – Maga, Honouring our Transitions
March 24, 2019

Enter Maga phase and the rich wisdom we can all learn from a woman in her absolute self. Judy Diana offers this podcast her journey as a midwife, priestess (including training in the sacred lands of Glastonbury) and Womancrafter.

11 – Medicine Voice – Sar – Our Voice Within
March 10, 2019

This podcast with Sar from Medicine Voice will find you exploring how we can cultivate our inner power for the good of all! Sar journeyed and now apprentices with the School of Shamanic Womancraft. Sar’s powerful voice gifted to us as medicine healing,...

10 – Wild Feminine – Anki – I See You In There
February 10, 2019

This episode we are fully present and blessed with Anki. This explores te depths of her journey with the SSW back in 2012 when she to become a homebirth midwife for the first time. We navigate her loving journey into the amazing offerings that she now ...

9 – Firekeeper – Mel – Earth Connection
January 10, 2019

Dive into the world of connection with this light and whimsical tale of Mel’s journey in the Four Seasons in Victoria, Australia. Mel talks deeply about the importance of connection for ALL ages, we delve into the drum making process and how that showe...

8 – Reclamation – Tamar – Unlocking Greatness
December 07, 2018

Tamar comes to us from her experience journeying with the school in the UK. Currently, she weaves her magic in France, and this episode connects with her birth story and how this process comes up for her in her four seasons journey.