The WIN Podcast, What’s Important Now

The WIN Podcast, What’s Important Now

Succession – Streaming and in Real Life (Ep. 42)

November 28, 2023

The long-term success of a business depends on how smoothly it transitions from one generation to the next.

Therefore, having a well-designed succession strategy is crucial.

What other factors should we consider?

In this episode, Corey Heimensen tackles the topic of succession for families and business owners. Corey relates the series “Succession” aired on HBO to real life, and talks about the importance of having a solid plan and effective communication, along with the need to involve your family in the process.

Corey discusses:

  • The TV series “Succession” and how it relates to real succession stories 
  • The challenges faced by family-owned businesses in transitioning from one generation to the next
  • The need for effective communication in the succession planning process
  • The process at Heimensen Wealth when it comes to succession planning
  • Why it is important to prepare someone before taking over a business
  • The significance of having difficult conversations during the succession process
  • And more!



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