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THE DROP – Part 8
December 07, 2020

Discussed in this Drop:  PEN15 (hulu), THE SOCIAL DELIMA (Netflix), the looming danger of deep fakes, HUMAN NATURE (Netflix), LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM (Netflix), THE DEMON IN THE MACHINE (book), TO HOLD UP THE SKY (book),

WHATRYADOIN’ – Leon Ingulsrud, Part 2 – “Don’t Just Do Something! Stand There!”
November 13, 2020

Join us for part 2 of our conversation with the Martini Samurai Leon Ingulsrud. Topics include: consciousness, learning to "be" through art, how unmarked time slips away into the future, and the eternal question of "Where’s Waldo?"

WHATRYADOIN’ – Leon Ingulsrud, Part 1
November 02, 2020

Back in March, when Anson & Branan founds themselves sheltering with their wives, friends, 6 chickens and 3 dogs, they decided they were missing a very important thing: a new drink recipe. So they phoned up the Martini Samurai himself Leon Ingulsrud o...

WHATRYADOIN’ – Kadiatou Diallo
October 08, 2020

When she found out that her twenty-three year old son Amadou had been shot to death by four plain-clothes NYPD officers (in what they claimed was a case of mistaken identity), Kadiatou immediately boarded a flight for New York City.

THE DROP – Part 7
September 28, 2020

Branan & Anson bring you more fun stuff to discover and experience during the lockdown... Can we even call it a "lockdown" anymore? Whatever. You're bored and we know it. You can find the trailer for TENET here.

WHATRYADOIN’ – Major David Hughes
August 03, 2020

Major David Hughes serves as Chief of Professional Standards at the Newport News Sheriff's Office in Virginia. After nearly falling victim to his own local police culture, and then spending years considering its systemic issues,

July 14, 2020

LeVar Burton is an actor, producer, director, writer, podcaster, and education advocate. In this segment of WHATRYADOIN', LeVar shares with us his thoughts on representation in fiction, his memories of his friend and fellow advocate Fred Rogers,

THE DROP – Part 6 – “We Can Do Better”
July 01, 2020

In the wake of murder of George Floyd, and the national outcry that has followed, Branan and Anson discuss the importance of listening and taking accountability. Yes, this is two white guys trying, very clumsily,

WHATRYADOIN’ – Jack Hitt, Part 2
May 08, 2020

American author and journalist Jack Hitt returns for part 2 to speculate upon a post-corona world. Topics include how what we hoard says about us, how nature is enjoying a quiet respite from us noisy humans, what is an essential worker,

WHATRYADOIN’ – Jack Hitt, Part 1
April 30, 2020

Jack Hitt is an American author. He is a contributing editor to Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, and This American Life. In this episode Jack sits down with Anson and Branan to look into their crystal balls and speculate upon what a post-corona w...