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The Weekly Driver Podcast

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#268 Newport Car Museum Adds Prized Collection of Vintage Porsches
August 18, 2023

Gunther Buerman and his Maggie Buerman opened the Newport Car Museum in 2017 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. They've constantly updated the combined automobile and history museum including its latest pre

#267, The Voice: John Kraman talks Mecum Auctions, Monterey
August 13, 2023

John Kraman knows the car auction business as well as a broadcaster. He's the senior member of the Mecum Auctions team and the only announcer who's been on all 16 years of the country's largest automo

#266, releases 18th ANNUAL American-made index
August 01, 2023

Buying a vehicle made in the United States is essential to many consumers. According to, about half of the car buyers in the United States say they will pay more for a vehicle that creates

#265, Lightship: entrepreneurs debut EV RV
June 24, 2023

Ben Parker and Toby Kraus are co-founders of Lightship. Both entrepreneurs worked for Tesla but are now immersed in a collaborative project in the recreational vehicle industry. Parker and Kraus re

#264, Chris Miller: Vehicle sculptures in stone
June 22, 2023

Chris Miller has been a friend of The Weekly Driver Podcast for three years. An artist who lives Maples Corner, a hamlet outside Calais, Vermont, Miller began made his sculpture career nearly 50 years

#263, Megabus returns to California market
June 11, 2023

Megabus, the discount city-to-city bus system, debuted in 2006. Marketed as having served more than 50 million customers in more than 500 cities, the express service features tickets between metro cit

#261, Vintage buses, pub crawls, one crafty Santa Cruz woman
May 17, 2023

The citizens of Santa Cruz and the surrounding oceanside towns and tree-lined hamlets may hold an unofficial record for their entrepreneurial ways. Creativity rules small businesses, from bespoke bicy

#260, Cheap SUVs, racing icon dies and more
May 03, 2023

From time to time during the more than five years of The Weekly Driver Podcast, co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia catch-up on automotive news instead of having a guest. This week on Episode #260 w

#259, Reverend Gadget: preaches for EVs
April 25, 2023

Greg Abbott, an ordained minister for nearly 40 years, is also a steel fabrication artist, craftsman, prop builder and television personality based in Los Angeles, California. Mostly, he's known as

#258, NASCAR at 75 detailed by four authors in new book
April 07, 2023

Jimmy Creed, born and raised in Talladega, Alabama, is a decades-long journalist whose interest in motorsports and specifically NASCAR racing began when he was a young boy. - Creed knows the city's fa