The Truth About Wealth

The Truth About Wealth

Is a C Corporation Right for You? with Doug Dickey (Ep. 122)

March 06, 2024

Is becoming a C Corporation the best tax strategy for your business?

Today on The Truth About Wealth, John and Michael Parise speak with Doug Dickey, CPA, CEPA, Manager, and Shareholder at DRDA, PLLC, about the benefits and tax implications of using C corporations for business structures post Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 

They explore the flat 21% tax rate for C corporations, the potential tax savings compared to flow-through entities, and strategies for managing double taxation on dividends. 

So, tune in as Doug highlights the importance of entity choice for asset protection, tax planning, and reinvestment opportunities, emphasizing the flexibility C corporations provide for businesses aiming to maximize after-tax profits and growth.

Talking points include:

  • What’s a C corporation
  • The use of C corporations after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Tax implications and benefits of C corporations compared to other entities
  • Comparing the tax burden between C corporations and flow-through entities
  • The value of considering a C corporation structure for businesses with significant earnings
  • Tax efficiency and flexibility of C corporations for business growth and capital accumulation
  • And more!

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