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The Tech Money Podcast

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39. What Happens To Your Equity When Your Company Goes Private
May 18, 2022

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you have certainly heard about Elon Musk’s plans to buy Twitter and take it from a public company to a private one.  Oftentimes, there are many things th

38. Developing Passive Investment Income as a Tech Professional with Christopher Nelson
May 04, 2022

Tech professionals are some of the best paid and most in-demand workers around the globe. And in exchange for that great pay and other incentives, it is not uncommon to log back-to-back (to back to ba

37. Finding Liquidity for Your Illiquid Shares with Vieje Piauwasdy
April 27, 2022

If you’ve ever worked for a startup, then you know it can feel a bit like watching paint dry, waiting for the company to reach its light at the end of the tunnel, going public, and allowing you to fin

36. Taking the Emotion Out of Investing with Daniel Crosby
April 20, 2022

The underlying theme of the stock market and the way it functions is that we are all rational actors in a rational world, acting on the very same publicly available information at the very same time.

35. Common Tax Pitfalls to Avoid When Managing Your Equity with Daniel Hodgin
April 06, 2022

When it comes to your equity, every decision, whether it’s to do something with your shares, or to do nothing at all, comes with a tax consequence. But sometimes, the consequences of that action or in

34. The Importance of Negotiating Your Equity with Brooke Harley
March 30, 2022

Unsure whether and how to ask for more equity when negotiating your new compensation package? The 30 minutes you spend negotiating your new employment agreement could change the course of your entire

33. LatinX Representation in Tech and Venture Capital with Cheryl Campos
March 23, 2022

Less than 1% of all professionals working in venture capital today identify as LatinX, and only 1.2% of LatinX founders had access to or received VC funding in the last year. However, there are severa

32. Talking to Your Family About Money with Amy Castoro
March 16, 2022

We’ve all heard the statistics and read the articles about the pro athlete or entertainer who lived a life of luxury for years, spent money freely, gave it away, didn’t respect it, and then one day, t

31. Are NFTs a Fad or the Future? with Jesse Krieger
March 02, 2022

Not that long ago, we were all trying to wrap our collective heads around this thing called Bitcoin and how it was promising to revolutionize the way we all pay for goods and services. And now, before

30. Passive Investing in Farmland and Agriculture with Peter Badger
February 23, 2022

Whenever we think of investing in real estate, we tend to think of either single family homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, or maybe shopping malls. But rarely do we think of buying raw or d