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skwealthacademy 3Cs podcast

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#209: Six Common Cryptocurrency Traits Guaranteed to Radically Alter Your View of Risk
June 30, 2021

I n today's skwealthacademy podcast, I discuss six common cryptocurrency traits (more closely associated with cryptocurrency owners v. the crypto coins themselves) that are guaranteed to radically alt

#208: Macron's Maleveolent Mission to Mollify Africa by Selling Gold
June 13, 2021

French President  Macron’s plea to sell gold to “help” Africa is just another transparent simple-minded propaganda ploy to prevent gold from breaking out just when it is on the verge of breaking out m

#207:US Stock Market Run to Continue? USD Hyperinflation Impossible? Are UFOs Real?
June 04, 2021

Today, I talk about the prominent JP Morgan analyst prediction of much more room for US stock markets to run, of the narrative that the USD, as the world's currency, could never hyperinflate, and even

#206: Absent Dissent in the BTC Echo Chamber is Dangerous to Sage Investment Decisions
May 25, 2021

This is a bonus podcast and thank you to my podbean subscribers.  This podcast will go behind the Rokfin paywall once I figure out how to upload content to Rokfin and will NOT be uploaded to my YouTub

#205: The Most Critical Bitcoin Truths Never Discussed by BTC Millionaires
May 16, 2021

IMPORTANT UPDATE: the portion in which I reference gold as a Tier 1 asset is incorrect as it never made it into Basel III regs. The corrections to this portion of the pod can be found here: https://bi

#204: Whose More Irrational: Bitcoin HODLers or Gold Stackers?
May 15, 2021

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#203: There is No Better Way to Destroy a Person's Soul than to Convince That Person to Live in Fear
May 12, 2021

Before you join the parade of fear being deployed around the world to justify economic lockdowns, understand that by doing so you are 100% guaranteeing the destruction of your soul and the withdrawal

#202: Death By a Thousand Cuts (& Adios to YouTube!)
May 09, 2021

Many silicon valley tech titans deploy the death by a thousand cuts strategy in shadowbanning and deplatforming content creators to trick us into continuing to spend loads of time and energy for non-e

#201: How to Stay Positive in the Fight Against the Rise of Transhumanism, Greed and Indecency
May 06, 2021

The solutions: the final part of my 3 part series about the rise of degeneracy and the fall of righteousness in human civilization. Join us at for additional exclus

#200: Does Love/Worship of Money Cultivate Bad Behavior Even in Good People? Part 2 of a 3 part series
May 04, 2021

Podcast Shownotes:For Podbean and iTunes listeners, video Interludes at 8:15, 15:50, 21:13,26:30 and 35:25Why Nearly 40 Nations Have Banned GMO Agriculture Inside Their National Borders