The Sunshine Gardening Podcast

The Sunshine Gardening Podcast

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Fall Home Lawn Improvement Practices
October 21, 2020

Do you have trouble establishing a good stand of grass in your home lawn? Do you notice bare spots? Do you have more weeds than grass? If you answered yes to any of these questions, fall is the absolute time to carry out several home lawn improvement p...

Cover Crops for the Kentucky Garden
October 14, 2020

Crimson Clover & Cereal Rye Cover Crop Photo Source: Rachel Rudolph, UK Extension Vegetable Specialist Our gardens are finally slowing down for the season. One thing you may ask yourself is should I consider sowing a cover crop for my Kentucky gar...

Summer Garden Pests
September 10, 2020

Home gardeners are busy harvesting their crops until the summer garden pests move in! To talk to an expert, I called up UK Extension Entomologist Dr. Jonathan Larson to see what information he could provide to keep these summer pests under control.

Episode 8- Supporting Local Cut Flower Growers
July 28, 2020

July is American Grown Cut Flower Month! Now is the perfect time to celebrate the abundance of locally-grown cut flowers and the farmers that grow them. To discuss more about cut flower production, I interviewed my good friend and co-worker Alexis Shef...

May Vegetable Gardening Tips
May 30, 2020

Home gardeners have finally gotten warm-season vegetable crops planted in their home vegetable gardens. Now, you may wonder, “What should I do next?” Today on episode 7 of the Sunshine Gardening Podcast, I am sharing 4 secrets on how to keep your garde...

Top 10 Tomato Growing Tips
May 25, 2020

It is no wonder that tomatoes are the number one vegetable that every gardener makes room for in their vegetable garden! Tomatoes can be cultivated in different soil types and grown in many areas. The wide variety of colors, shapes,

April Gardening Tips
April 15, 2020

Kentucky gardens are bursting with spring color this month! Flowering trees and shrubs are blooming beautifully in the home landscape, while various types of flowering bulbs are scattered throughout garden beds.