The Story Behind Her Success

The Story Behind Her Success

Noel Foy -262

February 01, 2024

A lot of children believe that perfection is a goal. I help them understand that mistakes are part of the learning process. -Noel Foy

In the spotlight, Noel Foy. Known as Neuro Noel, she got her start as a teacher and learning specialist before blazing a trail as a neuroeducator and anxiety coach. A graduate of Boston College with a B.A. in Education/Special Education and a Masters in American Studies, Noel began noticing that her own sons didn’t like school, but they loved learning. She started attending conferences focused on how the brain works and discovered that she could transform key neuroscience findings into practical ways to reduce the impact of stress on children. The result was transformative. Noel started creating her neuroeducator tool kit by recognizing that if a child’s brain is in a state of anxiety, anger, frustration, or boredom, they disengage from learning. This choice hijacks the brain causing stress, which in turn, hijacks executive function. In her practice, Noel teaches kids that the human brain grows and changes. This neuroplasticity enables the brain to be re-wired. Children are relieved when she explains: “Do you know that your brain gets smarter and stronger when you correct mistakes?” In this interview, Neuro Noel provides clues for parents who believe their children might need help with anxiety. Avoidance, rigidity, catastrophic thinking, and a sense of hopeless permanence are four red flags to look for. The author of two award-winning books called ABC Worry Free and Are You A Bird Like Me? Noel admits she was an anxious child herself and that she finds healing by helping kids who are just like she was. On a mission to spread awareness about anxiety, executive function, and how to use neuroscience in school and beyond, Noel is due to release a third book this year entitled 15 Minute Focus, geared toward teachers, parents, and counselors. For a tutorial on how you can begin to understand and help your anxious child, just hit that download button. #neuroscience #neuroeducator #teacher #parenting #socialandemotionallearning #executivefunction #anxietyawareness