The Story Behind Her Success

The Story Behind Her Success

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Dawn Kohler, Part 1, author of The Messages -223
February 02, 2023

I raised myself. From a very early age, I knew in my heart I was on my own. Nobody was helping me. -Dawn Kohler - What you are about to hear is Part 1 in a series about Dawn Kohler, author of the memo

Christina Knight: Nurse Practitioner, -222
January 26, 2023

If Im passionate about doing something, Im not gonna let anybody roadblock me. -Christina Knight - In the spotlight, a woman who doesnt understand the word no and probably never will. Meet Christ

Daniela Corte: Women’s Clothing Designer -221
January 19, 2023

Fashion never ends. Fashion never sleeps. -Daniela Corte - Fueled by a passion for fashion and a love of espresso, Argentinian-born womens clothing designer Daniela Corte wakes up at the crack of d

Chelo Lundquist-Krag: Aquatics Director & Child Abuse Survivor -220
January 11, 2023

I used to think that success meant a degree, living on your own, having a car, and your bills paid. My heart feels successful when I am teaching lifeguards how to save a human, when Im teaching kids

Dianna Huff: Keep it made -219
January 05, 2023

My jaw dropped when I learned what was happening to the manufacturing industry. I didnt realize that everything had been off-shored. So in 2015, I made the commitment to buy only products made in the

Lisa Murray: President, Citizens Bank of MA -218
December 22, 2022

Im sort of like the Oprah Winfrey of banking. I like to ask a thousand questions and figure out where everyone is going and how I can help. -Lisa Murray - Lisa Murray knows banking. Shes been involv

Kala Farnham: Connecticut State Troubadour -217
December 12, 2022

Music is my first language. Its the way I learned to express and process my feelings. -Kala Farnham - Kala Farnham is a gifted musician, singer, and songwriter who grew up in a house full of music.

Anita Silvey: The Fairy Godmother of Children’s Literature -216
December 08, 2022

As long as love infuses everything I do, Im in the place I want to be. -Anita Silvey - Armed with a firm belief that childrens books change lives, Anita Silvey has spent her entire career in childre

Laura DeSisto: She Swims with Sharks! -215
December 01, 2022

At the moment that it happened, when I could see into the eyes of that shark, and then it veered away, my first emotion was not fear. It was fascination and wonder. -Laura DeSisto - Im always on the

PK Norton: Murder Mystery Writer -214
November 17, 2022

My books are like Nancy Drew for grownups. -PK Norton - Meet PK (Paula) Norton, murder mystery author extraordinaire. She spent most of her career in the insurance business, first as an agent and then