The Story Behind Her Success

The Story Behind Her Success

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1 More From the Floor -167
July 23, 2021

There’s a new Candy O in town. She’s a little less driven about what’s ahead and lot more grateful for what is right in front of her. - Candy O’Terry - By the time I release this podcast, it will be 4

4 Life Lessons From The Floor -166
June 17, 2021

Every once in a while, we have to get thrown down on the floor to see the world from a new perspective. That’s where we come to understand what really matters. That’s where we press the re-set button and learn some of life’s greatest lessons.

Emily Tamilio -165
June 11, 2021

In the spotlight, a dynamic healthcare leader who is a champion for women’s health. Emily Tamilio is a registered nurse who is a member of the Beth Israel Lahey Health Women’s Leadership Council and Emerson Hospital Auxiliary.

Caroline C. Werner -164
May 27, 2021

A wise person once told me:  show up, speak your truth and don’t be attached to the outcome. -Caroline C. Werner  - Make no mistake about it, Caroline C. Werner is a superstar in the field of HR.  She’s the Senior Vice President,

Chris Vasiliadis -163
May 21, 2021

Success to me is being in alignment with what is important to you and following through on that in your actions and in your behavior, in your words. -Chris Vasiliadis - Meet Chris Vasiliadis, founder of Priority Wellness www.prioritywellness.

Karla MacDonald -162
May 15, 2021

Look around and find people who you want to be like or who you want to learn from. Make sure they see who you are, and what you can do. -Karla MacDonald - With so much attention on the rollout of the vaccine, delivered to the world in record time,

Dr. Tamika Jacques -161
May 06, 2021

Every child is unique and every child has a skill. It is up to us parents to guide them and be attentive to those skills. -Dr. Tamika Jacques - Meet Dr. Tamika Jacques, mother of three and workforce specialist with a doctorate in Educational Leadershi...

Krisanthi Pappas -160
April 29, 2021

There are paths of life that aren’t easy and the music industry is certainly a difficult one. If you don’t love it, don’t do it. But if you love it, you have to do it. -Krisanthi Pappas - Massachusetts native Krisanthi Pappas has been using her gifts ...

Hilary Porta -159
April 22, 2021

In my practice, we really peel it back. We get pretty naked with it and we architect a life where you can have greater impact, service to others, and beautiful relationships. - Hilary Porta - Hilary Porta is a success coach, a life architect,

Heidi Edwards -158
April 15, 2021

The geneticist said: you are negative for the mutation and my husband and I just collapsed into each other’s arms. -Heidi Edwards - Imagine what it would be like if your family genetics harbored a deadly disease that began with symptoms like slowed mo...