The Story Behind Her Success

The Story Behind Her Success

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Nikki Shults: Executive Director of -208
September 22, 2022

What means the most to me is building community, finding safe spaces for the lonely and the elderly. -Nikki Shults - Nikki Shults grew up on a family compound in rural Connecticut. At the center of th

Kathleen Ralls, PhD -Educator, Athlete, Coach & Author -207
September 15, 2022

If I can push my body to the limit physically, what can I do mentally in other parts of my life? -Kathleen Ralls, PhD - We’re back with another season of stories about women doing great things with th

Jenn Abelson: Award-winning Investigative Reporter -206
September 08, 2022

I’ve innately had this willingness, a fearlessness to challenge the people in charge and to not be afraid of power. -Jenn Abelson - Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be an investigative

Sandy Goroff: Publicist & Fine Arts Photographer -205
June 22, 2022

If they didn’t let me in the front door, I was going to climb up the cellar stairs. -Sandra Goroff - Sandy Goroff has spent 40 years shouting about her clients from the rooftops. In this interview, we

Elin Schran -204
June 16, 2022

I don’t really believe in obstacles. If there’s a wall, you get on top of it and start dancing -Elin Schran - Meet Elin Schran, Founder of Joy Skate Productions: She’s passion

Diane Pickles -203
June 09, 2022

When you have a child with a heart defect, you live with fear every day. And yet, you have to live your life and you have to lean into hope. -Diane Pickles - Diane Pickles admits that a little voice i

Christine Buckley -202
June 02, 2022

I look at everyone on my team as a colleague. We’re all women, we’re all tough and we care. -Christine Buckley - If you’ve ever had a really bad headache, the worst kind of headache that keeps you up

Candy Costas -201
May 26, 2022

Work hard, play hard, enjoy every day and THINK BIG. -Candy Costas - Get ready for a personal and career story that plays out like a roller coaster ride! In the spotlight, Candy Costas, RN. She’s the

Melissa Gilbo & Amy Pocsik -200
May 19, 2022

What makes us different is that we lead with kindness. We lead with relationships first, and the business comes organically and naturally. -Melissa Gilbo & Amy Pocsik - In the spotlight, two moms who

Tanya Holton -199
May 13, 2022

Every day is a chance to make the world a more beautiful place. -Tanya Holton - The Arnold Arboretum is a treasure to Boston. Established in 1872 it encompasses 281 acres of land owned by Harvard Univ