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Dream Girl By The Gallery (Remix)
June 18, 2017

That time again, this time another remix of a country song by a band called The Gallery. This song is entitled Dream Girl. It’s been interesting bouncing around genres a little bit. What I’ve noticed is that I tend to approach songs from a roc

Eternal Eyes By John Demena Remix
June 04, 2017

It’s that time again! Latest remix is a faith rock type song called Eternal Eyes by a gentleman by the name of John Demena. Really interesting vibe to this song that is right up my alley so this one really was a pleasure to work on (and I’ll b

Remix Time! Locked Up by London Lawhon
May 21, 2017

So I’m about half way through the engineering program I’m enrolled in, all that’s left are essentially technical courses that I’m already more than familiar with, but the actual mixing and production courses are done. My final exam

Optimizing Your Windows 10 Settings For Digital Audio
March 16, 2017

Hey everyone, being from and IT background I thought I would spend a few minutes going over some tips and tricks you can use to get the most possible out of your DAW. I recently did an episode of my Five Minute Sound Study Podcast where I went over the ba

The Five Minute Sound Study Podcast Episode 2 – Computers
March 14, 2017

This episode we discuss the role of computers in the audio recording process.

The Art of Listening Documentary
February 26, 2017

There’s an interesting documentary on YouTube called The Art of Listening that I watched the other night that I thought I would share. It’s basically about all the work that goes into making music right from the stage of building instruments,

The Five Minute Sound Study Podcast
February 24, 2017

Hello everyone, my name is Rob Blazik and I would like to welcome you to the inaugural edition of the Five Minute Sound Study Podcast!  The Five Minute Sound Study Podcast is exactly what it sounds like, learning about audio and sound engineering in te...

Welcome to The Sound Study
February 17, 2017

Hi everyone, my name is Rob Blazik and I am the owner of I thought I would start off this site with a brief biography and explanation as to why I started this site and what purpose it will, in my mind fill. As of today’s date I am