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Retro gaming with this Cheap Mini Entertainment Game Console
June 26, 2020

Editor’s Note – 24 hours after this post, the distributor removed the product. This device is a re-branded product, so I have linked to 2-3 other companies that also sell this unit. It’s the exact same unit. Also keep in mind,

Wirecast 13.2 BETA revamps the Chromakey
June 23, 2020

Telestream Wirecast released a Beta version of 13.2. During my weekly show “Wirecast Pros” (on Facebook), I showed off this new version of software. There are still bugs in it, so this is not software you should use in production, yet.

SanDisk iXpand for iOS, Ibi, Extreme Pro Portable Storage Solutions
June 19, 2020

SanDisk creates solutions for file backup, storage, and transfer for those times you need to move files quickly, and without any network connections. SanDisk has many different storage options – including MP3 players – you can use for photos, video,

HP ENVY Pro 6455 All-in-One Printer Unbox and First Look
June 17, 2020

HP has updated their line of ENVY printer line with the 6000 and 6400 Pro series. These desktop printers include Instant Ink options, just like with the HP Neverstop and HP Tango lines. Along with the HP Smart App,

Telestream Wirecast 13.1.3 Features with Stephen Heywood
June 10, 2020

I sit down with Stephen Heywood of Telestream, and talk about Wirecast 13.1.3, the features of the software, and how we use the software. Stephen is the Marketing Manager of Telestream, and also a content creator himself. He runs the Tech Buzz,

Kimafun Wireless 2.4 GHz Microphone and Lavalier Microphone System
June 06, 2020

As we switch to a more online meeting world, people are looking for easy cameras and microphones that won’t get in the way of these new video conversations. With a Wireless microphone, people have the ability to move around without being tethered down....

Panamation Telestrator with NDI for Streaming Video
June 05, 2020

Each week, I do a Facebook podcast for my group “Wirecast Pros” – a show about using a popular software switcher: Telestream Wirecast. This week, I talk about some software you can use to draw on the screen, called Panamation.

Quantum 2020 Roadmap with StorNext 6.4, NVMe Offerings, F Series Storage
May 27, 2020

I sit down and talk with Eric Bassier of Quantum to talk about their new solutions, including updates to StorNext, and NVME storage solutions. and ActiveScale object store system for indexing and archiving footage.

Set Up Raspberry Pi As a Zoom Machine
May 22, 2020

Last week, someone talked about how they are taxing their computer with work, plus a constant Zoom call. They wanted to set up another machine for this, but didn’t have a lot of money. That is why I started looking for alternate options. Of course,

EditShare Introduces EFSv, AirFlow (with Zoom Functions) for Remote Editing, Collaboration
May 20, 2020

Stephen Tallamy, CTO of EditShare, joined the Virtual Conference Coverage 2020 to talk about their new Cloud service called “EFSv”. This allows for remote editing from around the world. Using Terradici, your videos are easily accessible to sort, edit,