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Adobe After Effects Multi-Frame Rendering for Faster Renders
May 05, 2021

I talked with Victoria Nece of Adobe to learn about the updates in After Effects 2021. We centered around real-time events, and a new feature in beta: Real Time Rendering. Multi-Frame Rendering The new redesigned render queue for After Effects will sho...

Zenfone 7 with Flip Camera at 8K from ASUS
April 21, 2021

I bought my first Android phone in a long time. I am building an “At home” kit – a video system that I send to people for one-on-one interviews. But for this video, I’ll be unboxing and setting up the phone for everyday use.

HP LaserJet Multi Function Printer Unbox M234dwe
April 16, 2021

If you’re looking for a good entry Black and White printer for simple tasks, HP LaserJet MFP M234dwe is a great all-in-one for office needs. This printer, along with last year’s HP Neverstop 1202W are affordable LaserJet printers for your office needs....

New Caption Support, First Look at Transcribe Service in Adobe Premiere Pro
April 08, 2021

Adobe Creative Cloud has updated their Caption support in the March Update of Premiere Pro. I talked with Francis Crossman, who shows us how to use the new Captions tab, and features an upcoming service for caption transcription.

WIDI Master Bluetooth 5.0 MIDI from CME Pro
April 05, 2021

CME Pro launched a new device that turns your MIDI into a Bluetooth MIDI for your computer. They have come out with three different devices that will connect your keyboard, drums, horn, guitar, lights, or other items together without a cable.

Portable Air Purifier for your Car from Scosche
April 02, 2021

Ditch those pine trees, as Scosche has come out with a portable air purifier. You can take this anywhere, but it works best in a car or truck. The Scosche AFP-SP Air purifier is a 3 stage HEPA filter that collects 99.5% of particles, dust, and pollen.

Energysquare Brings Power by Contact
March 31, 2021

Wireless charging is something we continue to utilize in our devices. Energysquare has extended that to a lot more of our mobile devices, including laptops, headphones, and more. Simply place the computer on a mat and with power by contact,

Maonocaster AM200-S1 for Podcasts, Streaming
March 29, 2021

Maonocaster Lite S1 is a low-cost solution for recording podcasts, streaming, Clubhouse, and more. The unit can be run by itself, or connected to a computer (becoming the sound card). From there, you can control the microphones (up to 2),

VEGAS Pro Adds VEGAS Stream for Live Streaming/Post Production
March 25, 2021

VEGAS Creative Software has released VEGAS Stream for content creators. A tool that allows you record and stream yourself live, then take the videos into post production for longer-term viewing. Working with New Blue and Microsoft,

MOVO Edge DI Wireless Microphone
March 24, 2021

Wireless microphones can add more to your show. MOVO wants to give creators options with wireless 2.4 Ghz microphones. The Edge DI is built for the smartphone, where you can do your livestreams, Youtube videos, podcasts, and more.