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Withings Move Smartwatch Doesn’t Look Like a Smart Watch
September 09, 2021

The Withings Move Smartwatch is a great way to wear a connected watch and not have it look like a computer on your wrist. With a standard watch face, the device bluetooth connects to your phone (iOS o

Elk.Live Brings Musicians Together to Play Online
August 26, 2021

A regular question that gets asked – how can me and my bandmates play together when we are separated and shows are being cancelled? Live music online is a topic that Elk.Live is working on, and ready

Stern Pinball Mandalorian Lets You Save Grogu (a.k.a Baby Yoda)
July 26, 2021

Stern Pinball, a company known for pinball machines for arcades and home use, has released their latest machine in the Mandalorian. Three versions available, you can get it for your cave if you don’t

ViewSonic M2e Portable Projector, ColorPro and Multimedia Monitors
July 06, 2021

ViewSonic has come out with some new displays for 2021, and a projector for your backyard movie watching, conference Karaoke, or many other uses. I talk with Ray from ViewSonic on the new products. Al

Shure MOTIV MV5c Microphone
June 30, 2021

If you are looking for a new podcast microphone, Shure has updated their MOTIV line with the Shure MV5C. This is a simple spherical cardioid microphone that can be attached to the included stand, or m

Setting up a 3 Camera Shoot with OBSBOT Tiny PTZ USB Cameras
June 27, 2021

What is OBSBOT Tiny OBSBOT is a company focusing on AI technologies for video production. I first learned of OBSBOT at CES when I used the OBSBOT Tail camera to follow me around. In all reality, the Tail was relatively small as well.

I Checked my Eyesight Through EyeQue VisionCheck. Here Is What Happened.
June 17, 2021

While this is not going to replace seeing my eye doctor all the time, I do feel there are times where I can verify my prescription may not have changed. This is where EyeQue comes in. I can find out not only my left and right eye strength,

Aftershokz OpenComm Bone Conductive Headset
June 14, 2021

Bone conduction is a great way to keep your ears open for other sounds while you can keep in on your music, conference call, or phone call. It can even make you feel like you have another set of ears when you’re using it.

Go Cube Takes My Rubik’s Cube Solving to a New Level
June 01, 2021

I remember my first Rubik’s Cube… well… more of a generic knockoff that was in the bargin bin my Mom bought for me. The cool thing about that cube is it came with instructions on patterns to help solve. So when I saw the Go Cube with Bluetooth ability ...

Apple AirTag Unbox and Setup
May 17, 2021

Apple unveiled Air Tags for tracking keys, luggage, and other items you need. With a device no larger than a U.S. quarter, these tags connect via Bluetooth, and are instantly seen by your Apple device. The Tag also is added to your “Find My” option,