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Wowcube Entertainment System
January 13, 2022

One of CES 2022 innovation award winners was a simple puzzle that’s more than a puzzle. Wowcube is a 4-square 6-sized video cube that can be used as a game, a lava lamp, a social media display, and mo

Brelyon Monitor Gives a VR experience on Your Desktop
January 12, 2022

What if you could get an immersive view of content without putting on a pair of VR goggles? That’s what Brelyon is working on with a new prototype desktop monitor – giving gaming, movie watching and m

Canon AMLOS PTZ Camera (CR-N500), R5.2mm 180 Degree Dual Fisheye Lens
January 11, 2022

There were two things I was really excited to see in the Canon booth at CES 2022 – their newest PTZ camera with AMLOS technology, and the Stereoscopic lens to give content creators a 180 degree stereo

Creality CR-30 Print Mill, Ender 7, CV-01 Engraver First Look
January 10, 2022

Creality has some great new 3D printers ready for 2022, including the Ender 7 (a top-down 3D printer), and one laser engraver. 0:27 Halot Sky 3D Resin printer 1:07 Ender 3 s1 Printer 1:31 CR-30 3D Pri

TP-Link Archer AXE200 Omni 6E Wifi Router
January 09, 2022

As 6E Wifi starts to take a hold in households, routers are getting more powerful and sophisticated. Take the Archer AXE200 Omni router from TP-Link. I check this out as I visit the TP-Link booth at C

ATEN StreamLive Pro, CamLive Pro
December 22, 2021

At Infocomm, I check out some of the offerings at ATEN – an A/V company with camera switchers. ATEN has many different audio/visual solutions for businesses, including KVM switches, Video extenders, d

Datavideo KMU-200 Switcher Turns 1 Camera into 4: Portrait or Landscape
November 12, 2021

Datavideo has come out with a table-top video switcher that uses a single 4K camera to make multiple shots for a band, panel discussion, and more. Best part is you can record or stream an event in a s

PresenterTek Robotic Stands for Teleprompter, Microphone, Camera
November 08, 2021

If you are building a stage that will rotate through presenters or simply making a hands-free media room, PresenterTek has a host of stands that allow you to adjust height from a distance. I saw them

Bowflex Max Total 16 Trainer for Your Home
October 24, 2021

Bowflex has updated their popular Max Trainer series with the Max Total 16 cross-training system. The ability to have a trainer in the machine, you can train on the Max Total, then do a Yoga session,

Smart Sunglasses Using Electrochromic Tint: Ampere Dusk
October 20, 2021

Electrochomic Tint is technology we see at offices, in your car, and in some homes to make the windows tint to a degree of light blocking (and privacy). Now, Ampere is bringing the technology to your