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Small and Portable: The Spark Go from Positive Grid
April 30, 2023

The Positive Grid Spark Go is a small, portable guitar amplifier that packs a big punch. While at NAMM 2023, I got to hear it, and it didnt sound like other mini amps. It had teeth. Features The Spar

I Check out the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar at NAMM 2023
April 28, 2023

Jamstik showed off their new Studio MIDI Guitars in new colors. I got to check one out at NAMM 2023 and tool around with the software. I first found out about Jamstik in 2015 during their crowdfund. T

BeyerDynamics Microphones at NAMM
April 26, 2023

Beyerdynamic, the world-renowned manufacturer of professional audio equipment, was at the 2023 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California showing off their line of microphones and new headphones. This included

The Endlesss Arcade Style Beat Machine
April 24, 2023

The Endlesss Beat Machine is a new kind of music-making machine. It combines the creative freedom of a DAW with the fun and immediacy of an arcade game. Its a powerful tool for producers, DJs, and mu

Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser
February 20, 2023

Amazon has released a smart soap dispenser that allows you a touchless device that helps you wash your hands. We unbox and set it up for everyday use. About the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser Keep in min

Ulanzi BG-3 Battery Handle for my Insta360
February 12, 2023

While I didnt have this for CES, my friends Jack and Keenan clued me in on this amazing find. Its a battery that attaches to the tripod to give my camera more power. Ulanzi BG-3 This is a simple 10,

GoChess, Cooler Master, Paula Abdul – Geekazine CES 2023 Shorts
February 10, 2023

All of Geekazines Shorts/TikToks in one place. Go ahead and enjoy! Idol Eyes Paula Abdul helps debut Idol Eyes Smart glasses with interchangeable lenses. These glasses are Bluetooth connected to ge

AR Glasses to Help Low Vision People See from Biel Glasses
February 06, 2023

These prototype glasses are a way to help those with vision impairment. They offer Augmented Reality to identify what the person is seeing. Currently, the user wears the headset and processing module.

Is This the Glass of the Future from Meta Materials Inc?
February 03, 2023

At first you see an ordinary Microwave. But look closer this is about a material that transcends the Microwave. And whats are we geeking out over? The glass on the microwave. Meta Materials Inc Met

These Shoes Help You Walk Faster from Rollkers
January 31, 2023

When youre at the airport, you might use the moving walkways to get to your gate faster. This was the idea for creating the prototype from Rollkers the shoe that makes you walk faster. This is a pr