The SciManDan Podcast

The SciManDan Podcast

The 5G Infiltrators & The Chatting Bats

July 21, 2021

This week we are joined by prolific Flat Earth and 5G deabter and debunker MCToon and his colleague Raynard, who is a conspiracy theory researcher.

They tell us all about the current 5G conspiracy world, and how they infiltrated the 5G conspiracy ranks to break them from within.

Here is MCToon's channel:

MCToon on Anti 5G Court case:

MCToon and Raynard's undercover Mark Steele interviews: 1. On Her 5G's Secret Service: 2. A View to a Kill Grid: 3. The Living Streetlights:

Oh and Catz amazes us about bats!

Thank you all for listening.  See you next week!