The Sci-Fi Biz Show

The Sci-Fi Biz Show

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Episode 3: Julie Finch, X-Wing Fighters, and Intellectual Property
April 06, 2018

Julie and Nicole discuss a well known book trilogy, and the many business lessons hidden within the story. It's a quick trip from middle-earth to a galaxy far, far away as the ladies discuss copyright and X-Wing fighters.

Episode 2: Sharon Hurley Hall, Trekkies, and Connecting with Customers
April 05, 2018

Sharon and Nicole geek out talking Trek and the profit potential of an effective online presence. Many businesses, large and small, either outsource their social media or simply fail to make it a priority. In both cases they miss the mark and their cus...

Episode 1: JT Smith and the Product Conundrum
April 03, 2018

Sci-fi reboots reviewed while tackling the common question facing entrepreneurs. Is this a product or a business? Is it viable, or do you need to kill your darling?

Episode 0: The Sci-Fi Biz Show
April 02, 2018

Welcome to the Sci-Fi Biz Show. We make learning about business more fun than a weekend of gaming, the latest superhero movie, and a spirited debate about surviving the zombie apocalypse all rolled into one.