The Roots of Leadership Podcast

The Roots of Leadership Podcast

Precious Mshengu – First Class Goal

March 02, 2022

Today we’re joined by Precious Mshengu, a woman with a story that everyone should hear.

Aged just 35, Precious has already achieved so much to be proud of, including being a part of the Enterprise Innovation Academy in Portugal, gaining a Master’s degree in Corporate Governance and Law, and she’s only getting started.

Growing up in South Africa, Precious moved to the UK aged  15, during what would be her final year of high school. The transition into a new academic structure and confronting a new culture was one of vast change, but Precious faced this adversity head on and continued to thrive. She recalls the steps she had to take to ensure that the difficulties of this time didn’t define her or the path she would take.

Throughout, Precious touches on sense of purpose and the importance of this when navigating through life. She talks about always wanting to be the best version of herself, and how she juggled the desire to perform at the highest level, while being a single parent.

This episode is proof that with discipline, determination and grit, we can overcome the challenges that we face and become the best possible version of ourselves. While it may not be easy, it is possible, and Precious is proof of this sentiment.