Retirement Revealed

Retirement Revealed

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Héctor Colón’s Journey From Boxing Ring to Boardroom
December 01, 2021

You might know Héctor Colón as a seven-time U.S. national boxing champion. But did you know that Héctor decided to leave boxing right when he was at the top of his career? That’s when he decided to pursue servant leadership and dedicate his life to the be

5 Reasons To Set Up a Donor-Advised Fund Today
November 24, 2021

Is charitable giving one of your goals during retirement? Today, we’ll help you make your charitable contributions more tax-efficient using donor-advised funds. We believe that the more money you save in taxes, the more money you can donate to your favori

Retirement Planning for We Energies Employees: What’s new?
November 17, 2021

As a financial services firm in the Milwaukee area, we’ve helped several WE Energies employees reach their ideal retirement. So, we are well-versed in the key retirement considerations they need to make, plus ways to avoid common pitfalls. Tune in for the

Never Run Out of Money in Retirement
November 10, 2021

It’s good to have a consistent income source during retirement that you can rely upon, no matter how the economy is performing. Discover how you can cope with the uncertainties brought by today’s complex retirement planning landscape and create a consiste

4 Ways the Rich Minimize Their Taxes
November 03, 2021

There are various articles on the internet claiming that the rich are “dodging” or “avoiding” taxes. But are they? Believe it or not, but a lot of tax saving strategies used by them are completely legal. They just know how to leverage the different tax co

5 Perks of Half-Retirement That Every Business Owner Craves
October 27, 2021

A lot of business owners retire by selling off their business. What if we told you there’s a better way? A way to maintain your business income after retirement. A way that makes your retirement more meaningful. A way that lets you keep the business you’r

U.S. Series I Savings Bonds Simplified featuring David Enna
October 20, 2021

As interest rates continue to be low, it can be difficult to cope with inflation. This can lead to a negative real return net of inflation, with your money losing value every day! Don’t worry. Your search for greater interest rates ends here. Today, we’ll

The Ultimate Guide To Estate Planning With Bethany Canfield
October 13, 2021

What happens when you or your spouse unexpectedly passes away? No one likes this question. But it’s an extremely important one to think about. This blog post explains the 4 must-knows of estate planning to help you protect your loved ones plus optimize yo

Everything You Need To Know About Long-Term Care Insurance
October 06, 2021

While trying to find the ideal long-term care (LTC) insurance plan, you might encounter various questions. Our recent episode with Carol Burk, a LTC solutions specialist at Newman Long Term Care discusses 7 pro-tips for efficient long-term care planning t

Buy I Savings Bonds in November 2021
October 04, 2021

In this short teaser, Jeremy Keil provides a quick introduction to what Series I savings Bonds entail, and provides a sneak peek into a future podcast episode on US government bonds.