The Retirement Wisdom Podcast

The Retirement Wisdom Podcast

Where Will You Live in Retirement?

July 23, 2023

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Everyone wants to retire happy. Where you choose to live can impact your happiness in retirement. Maybe you’ve found that place and are planning to age in place. Yet aging in place may not be the best choice for everyone. Welcome to a special “Best Of ” episode of The Retirement Wisdom Podcast with snippets of conversations with different perspectives on evaluating where you will live in retirement. To hear more from any or all of the guests, click the links to the full episodes below.

And scroll down to find links to other Best Of compilations on other topics that can help you retire smarter.

Where will you live in retirement? Age in place? Have you told your family?
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Links to the Full Podcast Conversations

Seniority Authority – Cathleen Toomey

Where Will You Live Next? – Ryan Frederick

Where to Retire – Silvia Ascarelli

Thriving in Place – Lisa Cini

Design the Long Life You Love – Ayse Birsel


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