There's Sweq On My Verulam

There's Sweq On My Verulam

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S1 E16 | I want all 900, I have survived wars!
July 13, 2019

In this podcast we are joined by Mike - Vicky's husband. He says he is staying out of it, but he sure does have a lot to say. Two chapters left. AARGGHHHHHHH!    Don't forget to stop by our Facebook page - Warhammer Widows.

S1 E15 | Can you see the words?
June 29, 2019

We are so close to the end of the first third!! But, where is Mercedie? What has happened to Karkasy? Keep up with us on the Horus Heresy to see if these questions will EVER have answers. Do drop by our Facebook page Warhammer Widows for a nosey :)

S1 E14 | Clickety Click
June 22, 2019

After a little break we are back to it! Chapter 8 done. I wonder if Keeler would ever use camera film just for the nostalgia?? Don't forget to come and see us on our facebook page Warhammer Widows, see you soon.

S1 E13 | Lamb for Dinner?
May 31, 2019

I didn't manage to get around to reading chapter 6, kids eh? So we thought we would discuss the characters so far, which lead to another one of our tangents. You can also join in the fun on the Warhammer Widows Facebook page.

S1 E12 | When I'm cleaning windows.
May 25, 2019

oooooooo we are gaining pace on this book at last. Chapter 6 in the bag!!!! How many more to go???? 1 MILLION!  Vic talks us through the biggest greenhouse I have ever heard of, 100 Mike's tall! Don't forget to join in the conversation on 'warhammer wido.

S1 E11 | Ignace Anonymous
May 17, 2019

Hello there! WE FINALLY GOT TO THE END OF CHAPTER 5! Phew! I wonder if we will celebrate Vic's birthday before we finish the book?! Anyway, here's the round up of chapter 5, enjoy! Don't forget to check us out at 'warhammer widows' on Facebook. 

S1 E10 | Happy Potato Rectum Day!
May 03, 2019

Welcome back to our podcast, we can see the end of chapter 5!!! But we didn't get there today, keep listening to hear which tangent took us off course.   Don't forget to visit our facebook page 'Warhammer Widows'. Until next time, Lucy and Vicky.

S1 E9 | Cirque de Warray
April 26, 2019

Welcome back to another episode. This week, the widows revisit chapter 3 (again) to make sure they've fully understood what is going on in the Horus Heresy!   Don't forget you can also find Lucy and Vicky on Facebook:

S1 E8 | An Anticlimax
April 19, 2019

We're back! After a short break recovering from serious bouts of Sweq, Lucy and Vicky are back to continue reading the Horus Heresy. This time, they are tackling chapter four.  Don't forget if you want some more Warhammer Widow fun to come and check out .

April 05, 2019

Welcome back to another episode! This week, Lucy and Vicky have another bash at Chapter 3 and talk about what they think is going on in the book.