The REITE Club Podcast - Real Estate Investing for Canadians

The REITE Club Podcast - Real Estate Investing for Canadians

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Using Strategic Financial Decision Making to Build Your Wealth
November 15, 2019

Brian Hogben’s focus is to help people realize the benefits of using real estate as a wealth-building strategy. Clients speak highly to others about his dedication and have them proud to tell friends and family, “call Bri, my mortgage guy!

Using Business Synergies to Build a Real Estate Portfolio
November 08, 2019

Andrew Cigna is a business owner and real estate investor with three single-family properties that he co-owns and runs with family and partners that they are looking to convert into multi-family units.  This is a little easier for Andrew than most inve...

Success through Creative Solutions, Optimization and Perseverance
November 01, 2019

In 25 short years, Adam Martin has had the opportunity to see over 17 countries and driven the entire West Coast from Whistler all the way through California and Death Valley. He holds an honours degree in International Business Management (BBA),

Insights into Procrastination from the Un-guru of Positive Psychology
October 25, 2019

Nancy Morris is a Business & Performance Psychology Consultant, Speaker and Author. She has 19 years of academics under her belt and is about to pursue a Ph.D. Some of her clients refer to her as an  “un-guru” – a no-nonsense specialist in translating ...

Boosting Your Business and Life with Personal Branding
October 18, 2019

Paul Copcutt has exceptional skills in quickly distilling what he sees and hears into custom solutions that are effective. He helps people uncover their uniqueness and communicate it in an authentic way to those they are trying to influence.

Secrets of Team Work From The BRRRR Power Couple
October 11, 2019

Jenn and Michael Richter of Double E Properties, personify the word teamwork by growing an 11 property portfolio as a married couple while raising two young girls. They started their real estate investment journey 5 years ago when they were not happy w...

From Dental Hygienist To New Build Mogul
October 04, 2019

Karen was introduced to the real estate industry when she was a teenager in London, Ontario back in the 1980s when her stepfather invested in a number of properties by taking old buildings and converting them into student rentals.

Mastering The Wholesale Game From Canada’s Most Successful Wholesaler
September 27, 2019

Luc Boiron grew up in a real estate family so naturally, he developed an interest in real estate at an early age. He purchased his first rental property at the age of 18 while completing his undergraduate studies. Guest: Luc Boiron,

Insurance Options to Protect Your Generational Wealth
September 20, 2019

Letitia is a real estate investor and a wealth preservation strategist. She has realized that her knowledge and license in financial services would be able to bring value to real estate investors. She educates them on how they can protect their real es...

The Tales of Cross Border Flipping & BRRRs
September 13, 2019

Across the Detroit River Savio is known as “Canadianflipsdetroit”, at home, he is known as “realestateinvestorsav”. In 2018, He netted a profit of $110,000 through flipping in Detroit, of which he shared almost $50,000 with his partners.