The REITE Club - Real Estate Investing for Canadians

The REITE Club - Real Estate Investing for Canadians

Understanding The Importance of Succession and Estate Planning

September 04, 2020
Guest: Ryan Carson, Real Estate Investor and Lawyer

Let’s face it, succession planning and estate planning are the last things on investors’ minds as they scale their portfolios. Though one thing is for certain, no one lives forever so it is very important that you protect the assets that you worked so hard to acquire to secure your family’s financial future. Otherwise, the government and taxes could step in and take a huge chunk of that future.

This week’s guest, Ryan Carson, Real Estate Investor and Lawyer, provides insights and advice on how to plan your portfolio and succession plan at the same time. Also, Ryan discusses how change is the only constant in life and in order to stay in control and up-to-date, you need to have a proper lawyer and accountant on your power team so they can help you minimize any impacts on your family down the road.

In this episode you will learn about:

– Defining succession planning

– Personal vs. Corporate wills and their benefits

– Where to start if you are in the growth phase

– What happens if there is a conflict between a personal will vs. a corporate will

– The steps of estate administration

– How often should you review wills?

Ryan Carson is the fearless leader of the Carson Law team, establishing the firm in 2013 after working for someone else for 6 years. An undergraduate of Acadia University, Ryan majored in Kinesiology with intentions of going into the sports business or becoming a pro sports agent. The only athlete he ever represented never made it very far and Ryan found his true calling was working intimately with people, families, and businesses. His main focus is in corporate law, wills & estates and real estate law.

One of Ryan’s greatest accomplishments is the fact that he has grown from being a one lawyer shop with only a single administrator to where he now oversees the daily operations at two law firms that employ over 20 people combined. However, Ryan is most proud of the beautiful family that he has built, consisting of his wife and two children.

Ryan can be considered the office philosopher as he often talks about finding the perfect work-life balance, which he pursues by filling his time away from the office with golf, hockey, baseball, time with family and on whatever beach he can find.

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