The REITE Club - Real Estate Investing for Canadians

The REITE Club - Real Estate Investing for Canadians

Investing Advice On Commercial Deals From The Arm Chair Investor

August 07, 2020

Guest: Mark Gonneau, Real Estate Investor

Investing in multi-family properties can have added advantages and benefits versus other real estate investing options.  With over 100 properties, this week’s guest, Mark Gonneau, Real Estate Investor, provides unique insights and advice on investing in commercial deals.

In this episode learn about:
– Why multi-family vs. other strategies

– Defining DCR and how to calculate it

– Tips on terms and lenders for commercial deals

– The pros and cons of CMHC, and how you can theoretically forecast their appraisals

– What criteria lenders are looking for to lend on commercial deals for first-time investors

– Advice for vetting property managers

– Common mistakes

Mark Gonneau started investing in real estate at the young age of 18 years old. His primary focus is on the Multi-Family Value-Add strategy or, in other words, the BRRRR at the next level. Fast forward to today, he currently owns over 100+ properties.

Also known as The Arm Chair Investor, Mark enjoys helping others by mentoring and coaching on how to create Inter-Generational Wealth Through Real Estate and Passive Real Estate Investing For Active Professionals – all from the comfort of your chair.

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