The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

Cancer, Cannabis and Cultivation

October 13, 2020

Say it with us...1...2...3...FUCK CANCER!

In Part 2 of The Real Dirt Podcast featuring Jim Gerencser of Greener Consulting Group, Chip and Jim get into what brought Jim into the cannabis industry in the first place; his son Eric.

Eric's fight with cancer led Jim to try cannabis as treatment, and after seeing the results knew what he had to do. Jim founded Early Recognition Is Critical (E.R.I.C.), a program that helps teach people the early signs and symptoms of potential cancers so they can be caught early and eradicated before it spreads.

In this episode, Chip and Jim talk about Eric's journey and how cannabis helped, the two throw out an offer to cannabis businesses seeking some help, and Chip talks about the challenges and R&D that goes into cultivating cannabis in Oklahoma.

Roll up some of that good stuff, grab those trimming scissors and head to the table with a new episode of The Real Dirt Podcast in your ears!