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The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

The Science of Smoke

June 29, 2018

Recognized as one of the leading insurance litigation lawyers in Florida, attorney Ted A. Corless spent nearly a decade fighting for some of the largest companies in America. He trained at Shook Hardy, an international law firm infamous for its vigorous representation of Big Tobacco. Shook Hardy triggered his passion for scientific and medical-related litigation.

Corless routinely shares his scientific experience gained from representing the largest tobacco companies in the U.S. He regularly authors articles, gives television interviews and presents lectures on a range of legal topics, including insurance coverage, complex expert testimony and insurance bad faith.

Corless has a broad range of litigation experience including first-chair jury trial experience in matters relating to commercial litigation, environmental law, construction law, bodily injury, advertising injury, products liability and insurance coverage litigation. Ted Corless founded the Corless Barfield Trial Group and is Founder and Editor of

The science of smoke
Being an expert in tobacco and cannabis, Ted has studied the science of smoke, and the difference between tobacco and cigarette smoke. Is second-hand smoke real? What about second-hand high? Find out in this episode of The Real Dirt!

The science of smoke, the changing cannabis laws in Florida and the always evolving stigma of cannabis and drug policy. Ted is one of the most interesting Real Dirt guests to date, so tune in on iTunes or right here on The Real Dirt!

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