The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast

The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast

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224: Emergency Double Agent Hologram
March 07, 2020

Midseason Picard. We share our thoughts on the tone and direction of the new show, characters old and new, what happened in the first five episodes, what we feel has and has not worked in the writing and pacing, and where we would like things to go from h

223: As Canon Adjacent As Possible
January 02, 2020

Star Trek’s second golden age. We look ahead to the flood of new content headed to our screens in 2020—including Picard and Discovery, Season 3—and remember Aron Eisenberg, Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana, and René Auberjonois.

222: Dig Your Own Time Crystals State Park
June 26, 2019

Looking Back at Discovery Season Two. We reflect on the story that never happened, the crew that never existed, and how the show’s sophomore mission did—or did not—change the Star Trek universe.

221: Close Canon Quarters
January 13, 2019

Future Trek. Along with Larry Nemecek, we ride a subspace shockwave through a list of Star Treks to come, from Discovery to Picard to Ceti Alpha V … and much more.

220: Holding Out for Tan
August 12, 2018

Patrick Stewart’s Return, Kelvin Trouble, and Discovery Changes. We discuss some of the biggest news to come out of Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 along with what we see as the maturation of CBS’s approach to Star Trek.

219: Kurtzman’s Five-Year Mission
July 16, 2018

The Expansion of Star Trek. Larry Nemecek joins us to discuss Alex Kurtzman’s new deal with CBS, the studio’s plans for new Star Trek content, and the possible return of Patrick Stewart. Plus, we remember Harlan Ellison.

218: I Have This Piece of Paper
February 23, 2018

Proto-TNG and the Pike Memo. Larry Nemecek joins us for an in-depth look at the 1986 memo that presents a version of Star Trek: The Next Generation that is very different from the one we know.

217: Doctor T and His Files
January 17, 2018

DS9 at 25. Larry Nemecek joins us to look back at 25 years of the series that turned the Star Trek model on its head and ushered in a new age of storytelling.

216: I Only Saw Seven of Them Guys!
October 18, 2017

Discovery Post-Premiere. Larry Nemecek joins us to revisit some of the topics from our last discussion, including Klingons, Vulcans, and the business side of Discovery.

215: The Edge of Discovery
July 17, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery Latest Details and Summer Con Preview. Two months out from the launch of Discovery, Larry Nemecek joins us to discuss the latest news and fill us in on what to expect in San Diego and Las Vegas.