The Race to Value Podcast

The Race to Value Podcast

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The Crusade for Global Health Value: Insights from a Trusted Healer and ‘Godfather’ of the PCMH Movement, with Dr. Paul Grundy
January 24, 2022

In a career focused on improving global health value through systems transformation, relationship-based primary care has been at the heart of Dr. Paul Grundy’s crusade.  Dr. Grundy is a data transform

A Legacy of Leadership in Value-Based Care and Competency-Based Education, with Michael O. Leavitt
January 17, 2022

This week we have the great honor of hosting one of the most respected American political leaders over the last few decades, a visionary who ushered in a new era of value-based care in our country dur

Driving Health Value Transformation: A Strategy for the CMS Innovation Center’s Second Decade, with Elizabeth Fowler
January 10, 2022

As it is entering its second decade, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) has launched a bold new strategy for achieving equitable outcomes through high quality, affordable, person-c

The Future of Value: Lifestyle Medicine and the Reversal of Chronic Disease, with Dr. Dean Ornish
January 04, 2022

Joining us this week, we have the legendary Dr. Dean Ornish who will be discussing his most recent book, “Undo It! How Simple Lifestyle Change Can Reverse Most Chronic Conditions” which just came out

Investments in Housing for Health and Equity Through Partnership, with Ruth Ann Norton and Rachel Krausman
December 30, 2021

We must remain steadfast in our desire as healthcare professionals to ensure that patients who lack access to safe and stable housing are not forgotten. In this special bonus episode of the Race to Va

How and Why Physicians Must Lead Change Within Our Evolving Healthcare Economy, with Dr. Ellis “Mac” Knight
December 27, 2021

In a time of great need for our nation during the pandemic, Americans saw and celebrated an army of physician heroes. And in doing so, they overlooked an unforeseen reality that true heroism by physic

Awakening through Meditation: Finding Equanimity to Transcend Suffering in Life (and in Healthcare), with Dr. Angelo Dilullo
December 20, 2021

Healthcare worker burnout has reached crisis proportions, and we must find real solutions to address the intense psychological suffering of our workforce. The seemingly endless intensity of work, the

Cancer Survivorship and the Power of Relationship-Based Care, with Sydney Townsend and Dr. Kathryn Hudson
December 13, 2021

Sydney Townsend was diagnosed with cancer in June 2018, three months after giving birth to her first child.  As a former boxer, she realized she was in the fight of her life and never gave up.  After

Care Beyond Medicine: Addressing SDOH and Health Inequities in Marginalized Communities, with Mike Radu and Dr. Greg Foti
December 06, 2021

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”  The same can be said of healthcare organizations serving patients within their l

Finding Scale in Population Health through Retail-Based Primary Care, with Dr. David Nash, Marcus Osborne, and Darrell Moon
November 30, 2021

In recent years, the role of retail in health care has grown beyond the co-location of clinics and pharmacies, with many large retailers now expanding their care delivery practices to include full-ser