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The Quiet Room

Episode 5 - Philip Perron

November 17, 2015



On this episode we are joined by Philip Perron. What? Who is Philip Perron? Well, let me tell you about him. First and foremost Philip Perron is the host and creator of the immensely popular Dark Discussions Podcast. This podcast is a weekly discussion of horror and all things fantastic. They delve into genre movies, series and even talk about fiction. But wait, that’s not all. Philip Perron is also one of the founders of Great Old Ones Publishing. Goop is best known for its creepy anthology collections,


They also host a number of cool authors including: R.E. Dent, Thom Erb, Erin Thorne and Joe Knetter.


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If that isn’t enough, Philip Perron also finds himself co-hosting on THE TACO SOCIETY PRESENTS along with Tony Tremblay, Gardner Goldsmith, Sydney Leigh. I mentioned the Taco Society in the last episode of THE QUIET ROOM because they have been an inspiration for me starting this Podcast.


On top of all this Philip Perron is also a writer, his contributions have appeared a number of anthologies, including The Anthology of Psychological Horror: Chiral Mad 2 by Written 51bkyhhh54L.jpgBackwards Publishing. His story INDIAN SUMMER caught the attention of Publishers Weekly when it reviewed this treasure trove of tales.

And believe it or not there is still more. Balancing all of this Philip is a husband and father of one, but soon to be two children. His is a Native of New Hampshire with Canadian roots, one of his finer qualities.

On a personal note, I came to know Philip Perron back in 2011 after he invited me on his podcast to talk about my debut novel THE EQUINOX. Like many Indie writers I was beating the bushes, trying to get the word out and he brought me on his podcast and we went places with that book I never thought we would. Phil’s attention to detail was outstanding, his questions concise and his passion for the genre unmatched. Since that time I have always considered Philip my friend and I have had the pleasure of being on his Podcast as a guest host on more than one occasion.


RECAP of Episode 4 The Scully's

eye_that_blinds.jpgWelcome to Episode 5 of THE QUIET ROOM, a podcast about books, writers, writing and publishing. I am your host, MJ Preston, the author and artist at large who hails from Canada. Before we get started I want to recap a little bit regarding our last podcast in which we were joined by Alex and B.E. Scully. In that episode we ran into some technical issues, due mostly to Skype and the fact that the Scully’s live in a remote place where they are writing and doing God knows what. Regardless of the echoes, this was another benchmark in what I would like to call a fun episode. The Scully’s were great guests, Alex has such a great command of the spoken word and B.E. is the comedy relief. What a team. After uploading that episode, I decided to go and get B.E. Scully’s novella THE EYE THAT BLINDS and started reading it a few days ago.

The Eye that blinds is a commentary on the internet, fake identities and reality shows. Within the first few pages As I read THE EYE THAT BLINDS. I could feel a smile creeping onto my face within the first few sentences.followed by the visuals inside the grey matter and finally the sound of my own laughter. If an author can make me laugh out loud, they most certainly have done their job and B.E. Scully goes above and beyond in doing that job.  Anyway, check out the work of B.E. Scully and THE EYE THAT BLINDS. You can get there by checking the show notes or by visiting:


Composer Kevin McLeod for the following excerpts and contributions.

Opening score: "Frost Waltz"

Excerpt from: "Heart of the Beast"

Closing score: "Big Rock"

Kevin McLeod is an outstanding composer and he is one of the few artists who allows other artists to use his music as long he is credited. The Quiet Room appreciates this generosity. If you have an opportunity or are looking for royalty free music, Visit:

He also does musical compositions on commission. So if you're looking for some specific feel, this is the guy to go to. Check him out!