Purpose Driven Person Show

Purpose Driven Person Show

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S3E02: Mental Health Care for Leadership and Entrepreneurs with Roger Lichfield
November 17, 2022

Join Mathew and his guest, Roger Lichfield as they dive into the topic of mental health on a high-performance level. Listen as they discuss overcoming the stigma of mental health issues, why it is important to have two different types of managers working

S3E01: A Focus On Leadership
October 21, 2022

As a leader/CEO we can trip when get too comfortable and fail to maintain our self-awareness. In this episode, Matthew talks about the importance of leadership, being vulnerable and the five temptatio

S2E13: “Balancing Act” – From Office to the Home with Fadwa Terra
August 05, 2021

Fadwa Terra joins Matthew on this weeks episode. Fadwa shares how she believes that in order for her to do something she has to be able to commit to it 100%. This has led her to make some difficult choices when it comes to career and prioritizi

S2E12: Living Your Passion with Dameien Isom
July 29, 2021

Dameien Isom joins Matthew on this weeks episode.  Dameien is Matthews long-time best friend and an accomplished car artist when it comes to restoring hot rods. Join in their conversation as they reminisce about how Dameien developed his

S2E11: Every Coach Needs a Coach with James Malinchak
July 21, 2021

We are excited to bring you this encore episode of James Malinchak that originally aired on Oct 8, 2020.  As the discussion about purpose driven businesses continues, we thought that this was an opportune time to re-release this episode. Ja

S2E10: Overcoming Obstacles
July 15, 2021

Being purpose driven requires overcoming obstacles. Matthew leads us through a discussion on learning to solve problems through building resilience, developing your grit, and rising above what is put before you. You can access Access the Overcoming Obst

S2E09: What Makes You Get Up Every Morning?
July 08, 2021

What drives you? What is your purpose, the motivation, to jump out of bed and get your day going? In todays episodes, Mathew discusses taking care of yourself as much as taking care of the business, defining your purpose and keeping it rooted for success

S2E08: Family Strong – Facing the Challenges of 2021
July 01, 2021

Family is the reason we run businesses. No matter what your family structure looks like, we do it for them. 2021 has impacted the family significantly and it is not through yet. Matthew discusses these challenges and the strategies we can start

S2E07: What Kind of Leader Are You?
June 17, 2021

The type of leader that you are, influences the impact you have on successfully motivating others, which can make or break your company. Today, Matthew discusses the different types of leaders, the skills they display, and the challenges they may fac

S2E06: How to Define Your Purpose
June 10, 2021

As we continue to talk about businesses we also have to focus on the leadership and finding your purpose.  It is not always easy to do so and once you find it, you have to know what to do with it. Matthew discusses finding his purpose and t