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The Puberty Prof's Future Plans for 2024
December 31, 2023

In this short episode Dr. Lori Reichel, the Puberty Prof, thanks you, the listeners. Lori also shares information about her next podcast titled School Health Educators which will be released in January of 2024.Remember, you can use a variety of tools t

The next Puberty Prof Trivia Game is next week!
July 25, 2023

Ready to answer 13 questions about puberty and other growing up topics? Then make sure to listen to next week's episode of the Puberty Prof Podcast.Episode 104 will be released on August 1st!Also, thanks to you, my listeners, for making this podcast suc

For Parents: Transferring Conflict into Cooperation with Your Pre-Teen and Teen with Cynthia Klein
July 18, 2023

Have you felt frustrated about talking with a young person yet it seems not to be working? Do you feel more conflicts are occurring with your pre-teen/teen and are not sure how to resolve them? Then listen to this episode of the Puberty Prof podcast in wh

Helping Young People Plan and Set Goals: Part 2
July 11, 2023

Ms. Jackie Dipzinski returns to discuss concrete examples for planning and goal setting. Specifically, examples of how to plan for pubertal events, social pressures, and emotional challenges are covered. To contact Ms. Dipzinski, you can email her at jdip

Helping Young People Plan and Set Goals: Part 1
July 04, 2023

Another set of life skills we can teach our young people includes planning and goal setting. To help explain what these skills are about is this episodes guest, Ms. Jackie Dipzinski. The passionate instructor overseeing the School Health Education Progra

Teaching Young People to Advocate with Dr. Irene Cucina
June 27, 2023

Not only can adults advocate for young people, yet young people can learn to advocate for themselves as well as others. In this episode, Dr. Irene Cucina returns to the Puberty Prof Podcast to explain what advocating for oneself and others is all about. D

Common Changes Most Boys Experience (Part 2)
June 26, 2023

This episode was originally released during the first series of the Puberty Prof Podcast. In this episode Chris Homer, a New York health teacher with almost 30 years experience, returns for Part 2 of Common Changes Most Boys Experience. Within this episo

Helping Pre-teens Navigate Their Journeys
June 20, 2023

Research tells us that young people need to figure out how to solve challenges in their personal lives, yet sometimes their caretakers jump in to solve their challenges instead. This episode of the Puberty Prof Podcast provides concrete techniques a careg

“I” statements with guest Jen Mead
June 13, 2023

In this episode Jen Mead returns to discuss the importance of I statements and how she teaches young people how to use them. Jen is the NYS Health Teacher of the Year and focuses her teaching on skill development in the classroom setting.As noted in th

Helping Young People Learn Positive Communication Skills with guest Jen Mead
June 06, 2023

As young people grow up they experience more opportunities to talk with others and form friendships. To help them best communicate their ideas and needs/wants, Jen Mead joins the discussion with the Puberty Prof to share the basics of what positive/assert