The Profitable Photographer

The Profitable Photographer

196: Charles and Todd Lewis - The Kings of Wall Portrait Sales

March 15, 2023

This episode is a “Whopper” and worth taking the time to listen to every minute!

One of my first mentors and the person I call “The King of Wall Portraits,” Charles Lewis, and his son Todd Lewis and I have an incredible conversation about selling wall portraits. We cover both why helping our clients select their portraits in “appropriate sizes” in person using a projector is best for our businesses and our clients, and how to structure the sale that is fun and highly profitable.

Okay…I do “Fan Girl” a lot in this conversation because I owe so much of my business success to this week’s guest.

Charles opened his studio 50 years ago in Grand Rapids, MI where he specialized in family, children, and senior portraits as well as wedding photography. He shares how he almost lost his family because he was overworking in order to provide financially for his family. Everything changed when he started selling wall portraits and setting office hours so he could be home with his family in the evenings.

He and Todd (and I) give you lots of concrete tips on the sales process. The three of us are super passionate about giving our clients full service and making sure they have finished art as decor that will give them joy every day. I am sure you will hear that enthusiasm as we share everything we can to help motivate you to provide this as well.

Be sure to listen for thoughts about:

  1. Why putting pricing online is not ideal
  2. How testimonials impact our business success
  3. Reasons for becoming a Wall Portrait Specialist
  4. The importance of finding our target market and how to reach them
  5. Setting up our sales room 
  6. Why you must have an organized system

Please…listen to the entire episode and then listen again. There is so much inspiration and great content that is one of the cores of my success over the last 40 years.

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