The Profitable Photographer

The Profitable Photographer

027 Arthur Rainville: Feed the Artist in You and Grow Your Business

November 26, 2019

Welcome to a very special episode of The Profitable Photographer. My guest Arthur Levi Rainville is one of my favorite, most heart centered humans ever and I know you are going to be so touched inspired by what he has to share.

H has been creating stunning photographs, wrapped in intrigue, atmosphere and romanticism, for over 50 years. With his life’s work being displayed in museums on three continents; he has been touted as, “the Poet Lauréate of Photography, one of the most sensitive, artists of our time.”

In this episode, Luci and Arthur discuss:

  • Definition of what a portrait should be
  • What it takes to be a professional photography
  • Inspiring creativity

Key Takeaways:

  • A photographer records, but a portraitist reveals
  • You need a visual, marketable, professional style that sets you apart
  • It is ok to imitate the greats, but also think outside the box- try something new for you to offer and make your own style

"Time is the best creative tool you will ever have." — Arthur Rainville

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