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Allie Lemm on Meal Prepping, Eating for A Day, + Intermittent Fasting
July 16, 2019

Allie Lemm on Meal Prepping + Eating for a DayDownload

MINISODE – Tips on Anxiety, How to Stay Motivated Without Getting Overwhelmed
July 09, 2019

Madison (@madisonsbarlow on Instagram) is bringing you this week’s minisode on tips for anxiety and how to stay motivated without getting overwhelmed. We try to bring you a mini-episode between our main episodes/our guest interviews as a way to bring y...

Amanda Smith of @dallasgirlgang on Building a Community, Entrepreneurship, & Overcoming Struggles
July 02, 2019

In today’s episode, we got to sit down with Amanda Smith, the founder of @dallasgirlgang on Instagram. Her sweet heart and passion for building a strong community of women was evident from the second we sat down with her.

Emmy Rogers on Living Out Your Passion
June 25, 2019

Follow Emmy on Instagram @Emmyohmy and follow us @theprettyfilterpodcast for behind the scenes and more inspo! This week, we brought on Emmy Rogers onto the podcast to talk all things PASSION. Emmy is a good friend of Madison,

MINISODE/Solo Episode with Madison on Skincare Routine
June 18, 2019

@madisonsbarlow bringing you a solo episode on current skincare routine today! Tag us on Instagram @theprettyfilterpodcast and let us know what you’re currently loving in your skincare routine!

Relationship Stories + Q&A
June 11, 2019

Meet our boys and get to know our love stories! As always, follow us on Instagram @theprettyfilterpodcast and let us know how you like this week’s episode.

MINISODE – Self Care
June 04, 2019

Follow along on Instagram @theprettyfilterpodcast. Shout us out and let us know your best self care tips!

Ally Glover on Clean Living
May 28, 2019

Today we interviewed Ally Glover (on instagram @wilderandwell) on all things clean and healthy living. We discuss the health impact of the things we put ON our body, not just IN our body, and she gave such a judgment-free perspective and believes that ...

MINISODE- The Best Way to Grow is to DO
May 21, 2019

Bringing you our first ever MINISODE. We will start posting minisodes with quick gems of inspo between our episodes with podcast guests. Follow us along on Instagram for more content and encouragement @theprettyfilterpodcast

Christina Wilcox on The Enneagram
May 14, 2019

Christina Wilcox talks through the basics of the enneagram and how she’s building a community around it. Follow along on her journey on Instagram @christinawilcox and as always, follow TPF along on Instagram @theprettyfilterpodcast to let us know how y...