The Perceptive Photographer

The Perceptive Photographer

Everybody loves a parfait. Peeling back the layers on a meaningful conversation

August 02, 2021

Episode 334

One challenge I believe that many of us face when sharing our work is having a conversation about the work rather than about technical aspects of the work. For many people, the basic what is it, what f/stop type questions are a starting point. Maybe they don’t know what to ask about the work or have the words to ask so they ask what they know. We, as photographers, answer the question and then move. Both parties leave frustrated not having the dialog they wanted.

In this week’s podcast, I talk about how asking questions to questions, not in an arrogant annoying sort of way can help move the conversation in a more interesting direction and help everyone have a better conversation about their photography and the work of others.

As always, I hope you and yours are safe, and please remember to keep safe and wear your mask.

Gear used in the podcast

One of the questions I get asked frequently is what sort of equipment do I use to record my podcast. I have used a variety of equipment in the three years that I have been recording, but here is the current list of equipment that I am using. Also as an FYI and full disclosure, the links are affiliate links to Amazon.

Rode Procaster XLR microphoneRode Boom ArmRode PSM ShockmountAll three Rode components a kitFocusrite Scarlet 2i2Adobe Audition (part of creative cloud subscription)LogicPro XMacbook ProOWC Thunderbolt 3 dockHeadphones