The Perceptive Photographer

The Perceptive Photographer

Perceptive Photographer Episode 12: 10 keywords

June 01, 2015

( Keywords
In looking back at old emails I found one where I was asked to photograph a wedding. As I recalled explaining to the person that I don't photograph weddings and not all photography is the same, I was reminded that while we as photographers do a good job of talking about what type of photography we do; we are horrible at talking about our own work.

One of the hardest parts of improving your photography is learning to talk about photography. In this podcast I talk about a method that I have used in the past to help be better understand what is it about my work that is consistent from image to image and from project to project. With a pencil and paper, I like to gather a collection of random images and see what comes to mind when I look at the images. No censorship. No intention. Just reaction. From that process, I find that I can often times gain insights into my work that will really make a difference both in the printing of a photograph and in what happens behind the camera.