The Perceptive Photographer

The Perceptive Photographer

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Self-doubt and the value of getting your shot
October 03, 2022

In the podcast this week, I dive into the importance of pushing through that self-doubt and continuing to make your photographs even when at times they seem like they might be copies of other images

Understanding a photograph by looking at its peers
September 26, 2022

How do we get better at looking at photographs? Looking at not just a photograph but a series of photographs.

What is normal anyway?
September 19, 2022

In this week's podcast, I dive into the notion of normal in photography and making photographs in an attempt to sort of what is normal and does it matter.

Time is the ultimate variable
September 12, 2022

In this week's podcast, we explore a little more into the nature of time and how it impacts our photography

AI and the challenge of what it means to make art
September 05, 2022

In this week's podcast, I spend some time discussing the nature of what it means to make art and some considerations for when we think about approaching the meaning and context of art in photography.

Is straight out of the camera important or even possible?
August 29, 2022

This week's podcast focuses (pun intended) on the idea that straight out of the camera is somehow better than images that are processed after being taken. While I think getting it right in camera is c

10 tips to kick up your creativity in your photography
August 22, 2022

In this week's podcast, I share ten tips for making your photographic process more creative.

Is simple always good in photography?
August 15, 2022

In this week's podcast, I talk about how your relationship with simple can drastically change your approach to your work behind the camera, staying organized, or enjoying your time more.

The power of two & working with diptychs
August 08, 2022

In this week's podcast, we talk about how editing and selecting images for diptychs or triptychs can make for more interesting work and boost your creativity in approaching your work.

How much does that photograph cost?
August 01, 2022

In this week's podcast, I share some thoughts on pricing your work and selling your work as art for the wall. Rather than focusing on what to price, I'll share with you some of the key things to consi